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Where’s My Rhode Island State Tax Refund?

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Find more information about your Rhode Island state income taxes below.

Map of United States of America highlighting the state Rhode Island.

Where’s My Rhode Island Tax Refund?

Check the status of your refund using these resources.

State:  Rhode Island
Website:  https://www.ri.gov/taxation/refund/
Refund Status:  1-401-574-8829
Hours: Mon. – Fri. 8:30a.m. – 3:30p.m.
Filing Deadline:  May 17, 2021

Note: Please wait at least two to three weeks before checking the status of your refund on electronically filed returns and four to six weeks for paper filed returns.

Rhode Island Tax Brackets

Rhode Island’s income tax rates are near the national average and impact taxpayers state-wide. Here is a look at the income tax bracket for all filing types.

Taxable IncomeTax Rate

Rhode Island Taxable Income

When it comes to calculating a taxpayer’s total taxable income in the state of Rhode Island, several different types of income should be subtracted from their federal adjusted gross income (AGI). For instance, state and local debt obligations outside of Rhode Island, U.S. government obligations, and contributions to 529 college savings plans are all types of income that can be removed.

Unlike several other states, however, some Social Security benefits are considered taxable income in Rhode Island.

Rhode Island Deductions

Taxpayers in Rhode Island cannot claim itemized deductions, but a standard deduction is available. For Single filers, the standard deduction is $8,375, and for individuals filing a joint return, it’s $16,750. A total personal exemption of $3,875 is also available for all filer types.

The personal exemption and standard deduction start to phase out for taxpayers with a yearly taxable income of more than $195,150 in modified AGI. Once a taxpayer earns $217,150 or more in taxable income annually, he or she can’t claim a personal exemption or the standard deduction.

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