Where’s My Oregon State Tax Refund?

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Find more information about your Oregon state income taxes below.

Where’s My Oregon Tax Refund?

Check the status of your Oregon refund using these resources.

State:  Oregon
Website:  http://www.oregon.gov/DOR/programs/individuals/Pages/after-filing.aspx
Refund Status:  1-503-378-4988
Hours: Mon. – Fri. 7:45p.m. – 5p.m. (Phones closed Thurs. 9a.m. – 11a.m.)
General Info:  1 (800) 356-4222
Email:   questions.dor@oregon.gov
Filing Deadline: April 17, 2018

Note: Please wait at least four to 10 business days before checking the status of your refund on all electronically filed returns and up to 12 weeks for paper filed returns.

Oregon Tax Brackets

As one of the first states on the west coast to adopt a state income tax, Oregon’s income tax rates are some of the highest in the nation. Here’s a look at the brackets based on filing status:

Tax RateSingle Filers / Married Filing SeparatelyMarried Filing Jointly / Heads of Household

Oregon Taxable Income

The state of Oregon does not tax dividends on U.S. government obligations, such as treasury bills, or Social Security benefits. Similarly, all contributions made to a 529 College Savings Network account are not considered taxable income.

Fortunately, taxpayers in Oregon can qualify for a number of credits depending on their tax situation. For instance, the dependent and child care credit is available for Single filers if their taxable income is below $100,000. Oregon taxpayers who are 62 years of age or above can also claim a retirement income credit.

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