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Where’s My Colorado State Tax Refund?

State Taxes
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Find more information about your Colorado income taxes below. Check your filing status and refund for any state.

Where’s My Colorado State Tax Refund?

Check the status of your refund using these resources.

State:  Colorado
Refund Status Website:  State of Colorado Revenue Online
Refund Status Phone Support:  1-303-238-7378
Hours:  Mon. – Fri. 8a.m. – 4:30p.m.
Online Contact Form:  Colorado Department of Revenue Taxation Division
2022 State Tax Filing Deadline:  4/18/2023

Note: Please wait at least eight to 10 weeks before checking the status of your refund.

Colorado Tax Brackets

The state of Colorado imposes a flat tax on its taxpayer’s income. That means regardless of income level or filing status, all individuals pay the same rate. On the federal side you need to calculate your federal tax bracket based on your income. If you need help learning how tax brackets work you can read our guide on it. 

Filer TypeTax Rate
Married Filing Jointly4.63%
Married Filing Separately4.63%
Heads of Household4.63%

The flat rate of 4.40 percent in Colorado has remained unchanged since 2022.

Colorado State Tax Deductions & Credits

Some tax credits are also available for Colorado citizens. For example, the Child Care Tax Credit is a popular option that allows individuals to receive a credit depending on their adjusted gross income (AGI). The credit is a percentage of the federal credit – 50 percent, 30 percent, 10 percent or zero if their AGI is over the threshold. Other significant tax credits include the Alternative Fuel Credit and the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).

Be sure to look at all standard & itemized deductions. 

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