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Where’s My California State Tax Refund?

State Taxes
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Find more information about your California state income taxes below. Check your filing status and refund for any state.

Where’s My California State Refund?

The State of California Franchise Tax Board is where you can find your CA tax refund status. Check the status of your California tax refund using these resources.

State:  California
Refund Status Website: State of California Franchise Tax Board
Refund Status Phone Support:  1-800-338-0505
Hours:  Mon. – Fri. 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Online Contact Form: California tax forms and publications
2022 State Tax Filing Deadline:  October 16, 2023

Note: Please wait at least eight weeks before checking the status of your refund.

California State Income Tax Brackets

Here’s a look at the income tax brackets for the state of California based on filing status. Below is a look at the CA state income tax brackets broken down by filing status. Visit the State of California website to see additional tax brackets pertinent to taxpayers in the state.

Tax RateSingle or Married Filing separatelyMarried filing jointlyHead of Household
1%$0 to $8,015$0 to $16,030$0 to $16,404
2%$8,015 to $19,001$16,030 to $38,002$16,404 to $38,003
4%$19,001 to $29,989$38,002 to $59,978$38,003 to $48,990
6%$29,989 to $41,629$59,978 to $83,258$48,990 to $60,630
8%$41,629 to $52,612$83,258 to $105,224$60,630 to $71,615
9.30%$52,612 to $268,750$105,224 to $537,500$71,615 to $365,499
10.30%$268,750 to $322,499$537,500 to $644,998$365,499 to $438,599
11.30%$322,499 to $537,498$644,998 to $1,074,996$438,599 to $730,997
12.30%Above $537,498Above $1,074,996Above $730,997

California Standard Deduction

Single filers and those married but filing separately are eligible to claim a standard deduction of $5,202. The standard deduction amount for those filing as head of household or married filing jointly is $10,404.

Where’s My State Refund? Check Your Filing Status in Every State.

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