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Weekly Favorites: Paid Off $90k in Debt, Tax Savings for Parents, Standard or Itemized Deductions, Changes to W-2 Form

Weeklyk Favorites: February 8, 2013 by TaxACt

Weekly Favorites: February 8, 2013

I Paid Off $90,000 of Debt in Just Three Years via LearnVest
It’s funny how you can do all of the right things–go to college, get a job–and then one day wake up with crushing debt. It took a lot of hard work–and some serious creativity–but three years later, I’m almost debt-free. Here’s my story. Continue reading…

Tax Savings for Parents: Tax Credits and Deductions Parents Need to Know by Jessi D.
The more children you have, the bigger your tax savings. Uncle Sam offers several family-oriented tax benefits. Determining which ones you qualify for can be confusing because of rules about filing status, itemized deductions and income levels. Here are several popular credits and deductions for children and families. Continue reading...

Standard or Itemized Tax Deduction? via Bankrate
Tax deductions reduce your taxable income. Less income means a smaller tax bill. What’s the best way to reach the smallest possible taxable income level — with a standard or itemized deduction? It depends on your personal circumstances. Continue reading…

2012 W-2 Form Changes You Should Know by Val W.
There’s been some confusion as of late surrounding the 2012 W-2 form changes and the purpose behind such a change. The following outlines what’s new, what it means for your 2012 tax return and what it means for you going forward. Continue reading…

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