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3 Details to Not Overlook on Your Tax Return

3 Details to Not Overlook on Your Tax Return - TaxAct Blog

You’ve prepared your return, and it’s ready to go. Or is it?

Before you hit submit, save yourself some potential trouble later – or even some money on your tax bill – by double-checking these three important detail.

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5 Tax Filing Tips to Beat the Deadline

5 Tax Filing Tips to Beat the Deadline - TaxAct Blog

Another year, another tax return. As we inch closer to the filing deadline, you may be scrambling to complete your return. While it is best to beat the deadline, it doesn’t pay to be in too big of a rush. If you miss something, you may pay more … [Continue reading]

4 Reasons You Shouldn’t File Taxes Like Your Parents

4 reasons to not file taxes like your parents - TaxAct Blog

Growing up, our parents taught us many valuable lessons to lay the groundwork for life on our own. We learned how to share and why we should tell the truth. We learned the importance of respecting others and being on time. They taught us how to … [Continue reading]

The IRS Wants to Know About All March Bracket Winnings

The IRS Wants to Know About Your March Bracket Winnings - TaxAct Blog

The break room at work is abuzz with talk about basketball tournaments, teams and players. It seems everyone is anxiously awaiting the chance to be crowned tournament bracket champion. But, while you’re busy streaming the games and focused on which … [Continue reading]

Spring Clean Your Finances and Reach Your Money Goals

Spring Clean Your Finances - TaxAct Blog

As the snow melts and the itch to shake off the winter doldrums sets in, you’re likely ready to jump head first into spring cleaning. But, while you are busy purging closets and cleaning out drawers, it’s important to remember your finances may need … [Continue reading]

Alternative Tax Fact #6: At H&R Block, pay more for what’s yours

Alternative Tax Fact Free isn't always free - TaxAct Blog

There are a lot of things in life that should be free but aren’t. For example, free chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant has always been nice perk, but unfortunately, many chains now charge for the tasty appetizer. Or what about filling your … [Continue reading]

Alternative Tax Fact #5: When H&R Block More Zero Gets More Expensive

When H&R Block More Zero Gets More Expensive - TaxAct Blog

Offers for “free” online tax filing are everywhere. The problem is many of those free offers don’t make it clear that you’ll pay a fee for features you might think are included. Take H&R Block’s More Zero, for example. … [Continue reading]

Alternative Tax Fact #4: At TurboTax, free can come at a price

Alternative Facts #4: Free can come at a price

"Bargain” airlines might save you money on a ticket, sure, but once you’re on board you’ll pay for your bag, your seat, even water. You know, all the stuff you think should be included at the original price. It’s the same drill with TurboTax. … [Continue reading]