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5 Money Lessons for Millennials Other Generations Can Learn From

5 Money Lessons for Millennials - TaxACT

Generation Y has been called lazy, entitled know-it-alls.

But the harsh reality is that this generation also graduated into one of the toughest job markets with some of the highest student loan debt, so they’ve had to be scrappy to find their financial footing in an uncertain economic climate.

As a result, today’s twenty and early thirty-somethings have largely eschewed purchases that previous generations consider a rite of passage and have forged their own way in the job market.

Of course, there are exceptions to these generalizations, but in broad strokes, here are five money lessons for millennials that other generations can learn from.
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Understand These Tax Breaks When Buying a Home

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How a Summer Job Affects Your Taxes

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Tax Bracket 2014

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Is Cancelled Debt Taxable?

Is Cancelled Debt Taxable? - TaxACT

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6 Offbeat Ways to Retire Early

6 Offbeat Ways to Retire Early - TaxACT

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