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10 Frugal Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

10 Frugal Valentine’s Day Gifts - TaxAct Blog

Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to celebrate the ones you love. However, the classic expectation of roses, chocolates and fancy dinners can sometimes feel like a blow to your budget coming so close on the heels of major gift giving at … [Continue reading]

Alternative Tax Fact #2: No Fee for Phone Support

A common theme in the do-it-yourself tax software industry is to promote a “free” offer, and then charge extra, unexpected fees for specific features and services. The problem here is that these features and services, which usually come in the … [Continue reading]

Alternative Tax Fact: “Free” isn’t Always Free

Alternative Fact: “Free” isn’t Always Free - TaxAct Blog

Alternative facts have received a lot of press recently. Unfortunately, they are not limited to politics or George Orwell’s 1984. They have also found their way into the do-it-yourself (DIY) online tax filing industry. Every tax season, leading … [Continue reading]

The IRS is open for business: why e-filing is a smart choice

Why e-filing your tax return is a smart choice - TaxAct Blog

The IRS officially kicked off the 2017 tax season today, marking the first day the agency begins accepting both e-filed and paper income tax returns. If you’ve already completed your 2016 return – great! Your return is one of the first in line for … [Continue reading]

9 Ways You’re Throwing Money Away

9 Ways You're Throwing Money Away - TaxAct Blog

We all waste money at some point. Remember that fancy juicer you bought thinking you would eat more vegetables if only you had a "green drink" in the morning. Kale and carrot smoothies can be a great start to your long as you actually make … [Continue reading]

Why filing your own taxes is beneficial to your financial health

Why filing your own taxes is beneficial to your financial health - TaxAct Blog

Filing your taxes may not be a task you look forward to, but making the decision to file your own instead of outsourcing the task can be beneficial to your financial health. By taking the time to sit down and go through each section of your taxes, … [Continue reading]

3 things to know about our Price Lock Guarantee

3 things to know about our Price Lock Guarantee - TaxAct Blog

At TaxAct, we believe in pricing transparency. Our goal is to ensure every customer knows upfront what they’ll pay to file their taxes. One important way we make that happen is by offering a Price Lock Guarantee on any of our online tax filing … [Continue reading]