Solutions to Make Better Decisions with Your Taxes and Money

Five Ways to Manage Your Finances As a Freelancer

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Working as a freelancer or independent contractor is like riding a roller coaster. One month you're flush with cash and the next you're wondering how you'll pay the bills. Sometimes you wish you still received a regular paycheck. How can you … [Continue reading]

What The Self-Employed Should Know About Filing Taxes

Two male business partners working together on self-employed project.

Whether you call yourself a freelancer, a solopreneur, independent contractor, part of the gig economy, or simply self-employed — it's likely you have to file tax returns and are required to pay different types of taxes including estimated payments. … [Continue reading]

Attention Gig Economy Workers: You Have to Pay Taxes!

Woman gig economy worker thinking about her estimated tax payments.

You've probably heard that the gig economy is overtaking the ways we work. But, how extensive is this phenomenon that smashes the standard of the 9-to-5 job? … [Continue reading]

Education Tax Benefits: Can They Help You Pay for College?

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Many people know if they pay tuition, they may qualify for tax benefits when they file their tax returns the following year. Getting a bigger tax refund in April is never a bad thing. But what if you need the money now to help you get back to school? … [Continue reading]

It’s Taxable: Report Your Tip Money as Income

Tip Income and Your Taxes - TaxAct Blog

If you work at a job where you normally receive tips, you understand how that money can quickly become an important part of your income. However, according to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), tip money is also taxable. For that reason, it’s … [Continue reading]

How to Track Self-Employed Expenses All Year Long

How to track self-employed expenses all year long - TaxAct Blog

Numerous advantages come with being your own boss. For starters, you can set your own hours and vacation schedule. It gives you the flexibility to work remotely and spend some time enjoying a nomadic lifestyle. In fact, you may not have to change out … [Continue reading]

How to Save for Retirement When You’re Self-Employed

How to Save for Retirement When You're Self-Employed - TaxAct Blog

Being your own boss comes with a variety of perks. But it also forces you to handle work typically taken care of by a human resource or finance department. For example, you have to find your own health care plan and deduct taxes from your … [Continue reading]

9 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Day

9 Ways to Save on Your Wedding Day - TaxAct Blog

Weddings are known as a once in a lifetime event. But, while choosing the perfect venue and finding a beautiful gown are important, it’s probably best for your wedding day to not cost your entire life savings. … [Continue reading]

7 Steps to Complete a Mid-Year Financial Check-Up

7 Steps to Complete a Mid-Year Financial Check-Up - TaxAct Blog

Annual wellness check-ups are a great way to keep tabs on your health and ensure you’re making the right choices for your mind and body. But, when it comes to your personal well-being, are annual check-ups only for your physical health? What about … [Continue reading]