Solutions to Make Better Decisions with Your Taxes and Money

Tax Planning for the Busy Freelancer

Young woman reviews her tax filing preparation checklist for a gig economy worker.

Despite all the perks that come along with being a freelancer, paying taxes can quickly make you want to crawl back into the arms of a traditional employer. But, before you launch into complete panic mode, work through this tax planning checklist to … [Continue reading]

Who can I claim as a dependent on my tax return?

Father looking at his child that qualifies as a dependent on his tax return.

Dependency exemptions can mean big tax savings. … [Continue reading]

The New Business Owner’s Guide to Filing a Tax Return

A new business owner looks at her computer as she reviews her taxes.

If you’ve always worked as an employee and had a relatively uncomplicated income tax return, you may wonder how much that will change now that you have a small business. It’s true you’ll have more record-keeping and responsibilities than you did when … [Continue reading]

3 Tips for Freelancers to Build an Emergency Savings Fund

A man holds a jar of emergency fund money.

Despite all the advantages that often come with being a freelancer, there are a few months during the year where you’re willing to give it all up just to get a steady paycheck and feel confident you can pay the bills. … [Continue reading]

4 Tax Tips for First-Time Freelancers

First-time freelancer reviewing her freelance income on her computer.

Many people these days are switching to a new model of work. Instead of being on payroll as a traditional employee, they are working as freelancers.' … [Continue reading]

12 Tax Tips for When You Sell Your Home

Homeowners discussing the tax impact of selling a home with their realtor.

As a homeowner, it's important to understand how your taxes are impacted if you sell your home. Before you pack up and move, here's how putting your house on the market makes a difference on your tax return. … [Continue reading]

8 Different Ways to Afford the Holidays

Lady reviews her shopping list to make sure she can afford the holidays.

The holidays are a magical time. Between the twinkling lights and the ever-familiar holiday tunes, the magic in the air is real. In fact, many people are willing to go to great lengths to make it as magical as possible. That includes spending a large … [Continue reading]

Late to the tax party? Here’s 5 Tips for Tax Extension Filers.

Lady reviews her tax documents while filing her tax return before the filing extension deadline.

It’s October, and that means if you filed an extension on your tax return last April, your 6-month grace period is up. If you haven’t already filed, here are a few tips to keep in mind as you race to beat the Oct. 16* deadline. … [Continue reading]

4 Important Things to Know About Form 1099

Woman looking at the Form 1099 she received in the mail.

At the beginning of each New Year, you should begin receiving a host of informational tax statements from various institutions. These institutions can include banks and investment brokerages as well as any other place you did business with during the … [Continue reading]