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How to Thrift Shop Like a Pro and Save Big

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Do you thrift shop?

A shopping trolley

Have you ever considered thrift shopping to save money?

Many people have the mentality that if they can afford the brand new, high-class items, then why not buy them.

After all, we only live once and we should enjoy our time here on earth!

Well, that sounds all well and good, but if we had extra money, why would we want to use it on things like high-class furniture or designer-style clothing?

What if we could save a bunch of money in these areas and find some more useful things to do with it instead?

Maybe you’d like to go on a few more vacations and create some lasting memories, perhaps you’d like to invest it to guarantee yourself a carefree retirement, or maybe that savings goes into a college fund?

Whatever the case may be, let’s figure out how to save money by thrift shopping rather than learning how to spend it on designer fashion.

Find Your Favorite Stores

In my experience, most of the classy thrift shops (yes, there is such a thing) are located in the classy areas. It only makes sense right?

I once visited Boca Raton, a very wealthy place on the map, and their thrift shop was absolutely fabulous!

All the wealthy people in the area just got tired of their fabulous things, so they donated them and bought all new.

For this reason, there were always nice things going in and out of that location.

Learn the Patterns

Some thrift shops receive regular shipments of merchandise from other area stores, or from inexpensive purchases that they make on a weekly or monthly basis.

If you can find out when new stuff shows up on the floor, not only will it be more of a delightful experience when you come in the store to fresh new things, but you can also have the first dibs!

If the thrift shop is stocked purely with local donations, it can be difficult to find out when new items end up on the floor for sale.

But, even with irregular donations, there may only be certain days when they bring those items out onto the shopping floors.

For example, they could receive donations 24/7, but perhaps Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are sorting and tagging days.

New items only go on the floor on the off-days. In this case, it would be Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

If you make appearances on these days instead of the tagging and sorting days, you’ll see many more items and you’ll be more likely to find a deal.

Buy Only What You Need

While there may be many great deals in those thrift shops, please remember to buy only what you need.

If you purchase a bunch of things because they are just so cute and irresistible, but have absolutely no use for them, then you effectively just wasted your money and saved nothing.

Go into the thrift shop with a goal in mind. Only then will you truly save with your purchase.

Photo credit: batintherain via photopin cc

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