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Graduation Presents on a Budget

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Do you currently know of someone that’s graduating soon?

Successful graduates in academic dresses, toss up their hats.

Well guess what? That means that you’d better save up your pennies, because you’ll need to buy them a gift for their open house.

I know I know, the gifts never end. There’s wedding gifts, baby shower gifts, graduation gifts, birthdays, Christmas, and if you’re part of the Costanza clan, you may even have to buy a gift for Festivus.

All of these gifts can certainly add up to one big chunk of change, but really, they don’t need to.

No one is asking you to donate $100 to every cause, so don’t feel obligated to do so!

Instead, it might be more meaningful to get creative with your gifts.

Offer to Make the Slideshow

Do you know what takes forever and is one of the last things that any parent or child wants to do? It’s that slideshow of their lives.

Sure, it typically comes together in the end and looks great, but that’s a ton of time to spend on something that is viewed only one night and then might not be seen for another 10+ years!

Instead of getting that student a regular gift, perhaps you could offer to help out with the slideshow.

Then, not only would you show the typical photos of them growing up, but you could also put your perspective in there too.

If you are incredibly proud of this young man or lady, express that in a narrative in the video. Let the student know how much of an impact they’ve had on you in the past, how much they impact those around them in the present, and how great of a success they’ll be in the future.

Now that would be a lasting gift. Anything given from the heart is remembered far more readily than something that comes in a box.

Pool Your Money Together

One of the best gifts you can give a student is a laptop (if they don’t already have one that is). If they are heading off to college in the near future, that laptop sure would be handy.

Of course, you wouldn’t be expected to buy this with only your money. Instead, pool a large group of people together in order to make the purchase.

The graduating student will certainly be grateful, and it won’t even come close to breaking the bank for you.

Offer Your Services

If you are fairly close with this college-bound student, perhaps instead of giving them a traditional gift, you could promise them some services like doing their laundry every other week.

I know when I was a college student, I would have loved to have someone pick up my laundry and do it for me!

But, if you aren’t quite as close, maybe you could let them know that you intend to bake them cookies or a cake once a month.

Heck, if it’s not a big hit with the student, I’m sure their roommates wouldn’t mind!

Just get creative and think about what they might really like, not just what the traditional gifts are.

I’m sure that you can come up with something that’s truly unique and will be appreciated by the student very much, even if it’s not a big-ticket purchase.

Do you have any non-traditional gift ideas?

Photo credit: Werwin15 via photopin cc

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