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10 Ways to Say No to Spending

Personal Finance

You don’t need complicated strategies to save lots of money in the new year.

A stone with a message no on it.

If you’re like most people, you just need to say “no” to unnecessary expenditures – the ones that drain your bank account and give you precious little in return.

Here are 10 ways you can say no to spending money on things you’ll regret later:

1. Don’t talk to salespeople unless you initiated the conversation.

That goes for the salespeople at the mall who jump out from their kiosks and start talking, as well as the salespeople who call during dinner.

If you didn’t go looking for them, you don’t need to stop and chat.

2. Don’t take freebies from salespeople.

Giving away free stuff works.

That’s why you shouldn’t go to timeshare presentations unless you are actually shopping for a timeshare, or take free samples if you aren’t buying department store cosmetics.

3. Clean and straighten your closet/cupboards/pantry before you go shopping.

You may decide you have enough already. At least you may have a better idea of what you really need.

Either way, you may spend less knowing what you already have.

4. Cut down on trips to the mall, the big box stores, or any other place where you spend money.

Trying to go to some stores and not buy anything unnecessary is a lot like trying to jump in the ocean without getting wet.

5. Shop online.

It’s easier to buy the one thing you need online and place your order than it is to wheel a cart all the way through a store without something unnecessary jumping in the cart.

6. Make an unbreakable rule to never buy anything from solicitors at your front door or by phone.


7. Before buying something, consider how you’ll feel about this purchase in one month or one year.

Would you even miss it?

8. Treat yourself without spending money.

Have a friend over for coffee. Check out movies from the library. Go to free community events. Or just put down the to-do list and relax.

9. Spend time with smart spenders.

Put peer pressure to good use. When you hang around with people who are good with money, you’ll find it easier to do the same.

10. Keep your eyes on your goals.

Write down your goals, such as creating an emergency fund or buying a car, and post them where you see them on a regular basis. Some people like to put pictures up where they can see them.

It’s easier to say “no” to unnecessary spending when you have very good reasons to do so.

What’s your escape plan when you’re cornered by a very persistent salesperson?

Photo credit: marc falardeau via photopin cc

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