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Where’s My Alabama State Tax Refund?

State Taxes
Alabama State Tax Refund

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Where’s My Alabama State Tax Refund

State:  Alabama
Refund Status Website:  Alabama Department of Revenue
Refund Status Phone Support:  1-855-894-7391
Hours: Mon. – Fri. 8:00 a.m. – 5: 00 p.m.
General Information:  1-334-242-1175
2022 State Tax Filing Deadline:  October 16, 2023

Note: Please wait at least six weeks before checking the status of your Alabama refund.

Alabama State Income Tax Brackets

Understanding your state income tax can be a challenge depending on the complexity of your tax situation. Taxpayers in Alabama have to follow a progressive model when it comes to paying their taxes. How tax brackets work is that low-income earners are subject to a much smaller state income tax rate than individuals with higher incomes. For single tax filers and married couples filing jointly, the tax brackets look like this. You can see the federal tax brackets here.

Tax RateSingleMarried filing jointly
4%Between $501 and $3000Between $1001 and $6000
5%Above $3000Above $6000

Alabama Tax Deductions

The standard deduction for taxpayers in Alabama depends on their filing status. The amount available also phases out based on adjusted gross income levels.

  • Single: $1,500
  • Married Filing Jointly: $3,000
  • Married Filing Separately: $1,500
  • Head of Household: $3,000

Alabama residents can also claim a $1,500 personal exemption on their tax return if they are primarily responsible for their own financial support. Alabama does not let taxpayers deduct child care expenses on their state income tax return or obtain the child care tax credit.

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