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The Ultimate Tax Extension Information Guide

Tax Extensions Tax Information
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Filing for a tax extension can give you peace of mind if you’re struggling to meet the Tax Day deadline. Here’s what you need to know about tax extensions before, during, and after you apply for one.

A tax extension gives you an extra six months to file your tax return (but not more time to pay any tax owed). To file an automatic tax extension, you must file Form 4868 before the Tax Day deadline. If you file with TaxAct®, we can help you complete Form 4868 and submit it to the IRS on your behalf.

Before you file a tax extension

Before you file a tax extension, it’s good practice to know what it entails. Here are some tips to make the process go smoothly and some examples of good reasons to file a tax extension.

As you’re filing a tax extension

Filing a tax extension sounds difficult, but the IRS generally grants them automatically when you file Form 4868. Read up on some common FAQs and general guidelines to help you have a good filing experience.

Filing a business tax extension

While similar to personal tax extensions, business tax extensions come with some unique rules. Here you’ll find a comprehensive guide to business tax extensions and some tips to make sure you meet the deadline.

After you file a tax extension

The process doesn’t end after you’ve filed for an extension—you should still file your income tax return as soon as possible. We’ve put together some pointers to help you file an accurate return before the October tax extension deadline.

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File your taxes with confidence.

Your max tax refund is guaranteed.

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