Solutions to Make Better Decisions with Your Taxes and Money

Frugal feast: your Thanksgiving meal on a budget

Thanksgiving is a time to bring people together, reminisce about the old days, eat good food and make new memories. But let’s face it: if you’re the holiday host, life isn’t quite that simple. Even if you’re the hostess with the mostest, it can be a challenge to throw a feast for your nearest and […]

Who Else Wants to Save Money on Insurance?

How can you save money on insurance in the next 30 days? We were moving with five kids 7 and under and Bob went onto the base to fill out the out-processing paperwork. I went to a friend’s house to do laundry since our household goods were already en route. My friend gave me the […]

5 Quick Ways to Save $50 Each Month

Are you looking for different ways to save each month? What could you do with an extra $50 per month?

4 Simple Car Maintenance Tips That Will Save You Thousands

Have you ever owned a car that was a complete lemon? I know I have. Every time I got something repaired, it seemed like another part went bad. The repairs never ended and it left my wallet completely empty. As I’ve matured and grown older, I realized that it may have not been the fault […]

How to Thrift Shop Like a Pro and Save Big

Do you thrift shop? Have you ever considered thrift shopping to save money? Many people have the mentality that if they can afford the brand new, high class items, then why not buy them. After all, we only live once and we should enjoy our time here on earth! Well, that sounds all well and […]

8 Tips for Saving Money on Back to School Items

I love my kids. I love my kids. That’s the mantra I keep repeating around August 1st every year after spending the summer with a bunch of “Type A” personality children. The newspapers are filled with Back to School ads and once again, I have hope. There won’t be a constant stream of “I’m bored” […]

3 Tips for Buying Furniture on a Budget

Are you in the market for new furniture? Are you heading back to school trying to fill that dorm room or apartment? Maybe you currently have furniture that’s falling to pieces and it desperately needs replacement. Or, perhaps you recently moved across the country and sold your old furniture so you didn’t have to move […]

5 Reasons Summer is a Great Time to Save Money

The great thing about summer is that you and your family can have fun without spending a lot of money. In fact, if you plan it right, summer can be one of the best times of the year to save money.

5 Cheap Ways to Extend the Life of Your Furniture

Do you take the extra effort to extend the life of your furniture? Do you realize that your furniture is one of the most expensive items in your house right now? If you’re like the average person, your living room set probably cost you over $2,000, and that price only included the sofa, love seat, […]