Solutions to Make Better Decisions with Your Taxes and Money

Finances for Couples: A Case for Keeping Finances Separate

Should you combine your finances or keep your finances separate? The most important caveat in personal finance is that it is just that: personal. It seems that by simply sharing our stories of successes and failures with money, we learn and support this growing community and are able to become less anxious about money and […]

Commuter Tax Benefits Restored: Here’s How to Take Advantage

When most of us hear sensational financial news like the debt ceiling or the fiscal cliff, it’s better to tune out the noise than get involved in stale political debates. But there was a little-reported result of the fiscal cliff deal that can help you save money right away: the restoration of the commuter tax […]

Why Your Favorite Celebrity is a Corporation

Have you ever wondered about how the movie business works? For your sake, I hope you never find out. Learning the secrets of the entertainment industry is like waking up every morning and finding out that the Easter Bunny killed Santa in a bloody fight to the death, and both of them were figments of […]