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What to Do with Your Side Hustle Income

A side hustle (or side gig or freelance job) can help people achieve financial goals and obtain a level of job security. Developing a second skill set to bring in money can not only help you build a nest egg in addition to your current salary, but also give you an income stream if you […]

What You Need to Know before Taking out a Loan

Before you apply for any kind of financing, it’s important to understand how loans work so you know which type is best for your situation. Here are some common questions and answers about loans.

The Ultimate Guide to Treating Yourself Without Blowing Your Budget

“Treat yourself” and “YOLO” (you only live once) are popular mantras to justify all kinds of discretionary spending. But how can you splurge on yourself without feeling guilty? Or worse, wiping out your bank account in the process? Consider these five tips for smart splurges.

Your Complete Guide to Form 8965 — Health Coverage Exemptions

What you need to know about Form 8965 Did you know that if you weren’t covered by a qualified health insurance plan last year you could face a penalty when filing your tax return? Fortunately, you may qualify for one of the many exemptions available. While some of the exemptions require you to apply through […]

Tax Implications of Owning Rental Property

Whether you intended to be a landlord or you fell into it because you had vacant property you couldn’t or didn’t sell, owning rental property is a source of income and it affects your tax return. Knowing the rules can help you maximize the tax advantages of owning rental property and help you create a […]

6 Budgeting Tips to Save on Your Kids’ Sports

Youth sports teams encourage physical fitness, teamwork, communication and self-confidence. But they often come with a hefty price tag. In fact, a survey of more than 250 parents who use TeamSnap, a team and activity management service, found that the largest portion of respondents pay between $3,000 and $5,000 for youth sports each year, with […]

7 Life Events That Qualify You for Special Enrollment Period

Under the Affordable Care Act you can usually only buy a health insurance plan, apply for subsidies to help pay for coverage, or switch plans is during the annual open enrollment period. The purpose of this rule is to keep people from waiting until they are sick or they suspect they may be sick to […]

A Complete Guide to Inheritance Tax

Most taxpayers no longer need to worry about the federal estate tax. Unless you expect to leave an estate worth more than $5.43 million or $10.9 million for couples (in 2015), Uncle Sam won’t take his share of the money and other assets you want to leave to your heirs. Inheritance tax, however, is another […]

6 Tax Moves to Make Before the Summer’s Over

Summertime – the days of sun-kissed skin, juicy slices of watermelon and flip-flops. The last thing you probably want to think about are your taxes. However, the summer months are actually the perfect time to do a mid-year checkup. So, in-between firing up the grill, splashing in the pool and taking family vacations, set aside […]