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Not Having a Last Will: The Big Mistake Most Americans Make

Do you have a last will and testament? Despite being told the importance of having a last will, more than half of all Americans die without one. Making a will is not usually difficult, and it can cost less than many people spend on their cable bill for one month. So why don’t more people […]

4 Tax Tips For Newlyweds

Have you recently gotten married? Getting married changes everything – your tax filing status, how much tax you pay, and more. Utilize these tax tips for getting started off right in your married life. Use the right filing status As a married person living with your spouse, you only have two choices of tax filing […]

Should You Be Using Cash or Credit?

Should I use cash or credit? This is a question that many consumers are asking because of the current economic uncertainty in our nation. In fact, revolving credit—largely made up of credit card debt—fell by nearly 20% last year according to the Federal Reserve. Credit card usage is definitely slowing due to less borrowing by […]

5 Year-End Tax Planning Tips for Self-Employed

As a self-employed person, you have more control over your eventual tax liability than someone who only earns income as an employee. To take full advantage of that extra control, follow these 5 year-end tax planning tips: 1. Estimate your business income It’s absolutely essential that you find out where you stand tax-wise – before […]

5 Ways to Protect Yourself From Credit Card Fraud

Have you been victim to credit card fraud? Looking for ideas and approaches you can do to prevent yourself from such fraudulent behavior?

Credit card fraud has grown into a leading personal finance problem with 9 million Americans suffering identity theft annually according to The Federal Trade Commission.
What is identity theft?

Identity theft entails the scammer acquiring a credit card or opening an account under a person’s name using their social security number or other person-specific details to validate the account.

4 Tax Planning Strategies for Parents

Have you started your tax planning? If you wait until preparing your tax return to start thinking about tax planning, you’re missing some of your best opportunities to save money. To really make a difference on your refund or how much you owe for 2013, start thinking about taxes before the year ends. Take a […]