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Moms Listen Up: You Need Life Insurance, Too

Could you imagine what the total cost would be of having your own personal chef, nurse practitioner, counselor, bookkeeper, decorator, chauffeur, cleaning lady? It would cost a ton! If you’re a mom, you’ve probably just realized that I just listed some (definitely not all) of your daily duties of being a mother. It is very […]

Is It Crazy to Buy Gold Coins For Investments?

Have you ever wanted to buy gold coins for investing? Or maybe just as a hobby? In the days of instant, online stock trading and financial accounts, sometimes money seems almost make-believe. We no longer even have a passbook to hold on to. We certainly never see most of our money as a tangible object. […]

6 Home Mortgage Tips to Maximize the Value of Your Loan

Are you currently preparing to buy a home? Or do you want to maximize your money during a refinance on your current home? We had our last five children in only seven years and while they were little, we moved eleven times in thirteen years. We used to let the kids play in the boxes, […]

Turning Your Hobby Into a Business: Do You Have What It Takes?

Have you ever thought about turning something you enjoy, something you would do even if it didn’t make any money, into a way to make a living? Who hasn’t? Many people take a hobby they’ve been dabbling in for years, such as glass blowing, antique collecting, or dance exercise, and turn it into a full-time […]

Will Credit Card Rewards Soon Be Classified as Taxable Income?

What’s considered taxable income? Just about anything you can think of, according to this list on the IRS website. However one thing you will find notably absent are credit card rewards. At least for now, but will that soon change? The reason credit card rewards have typically not been counted as taxable income is because […]

Dry Beans and Other Cheap Secrets of Healthy Eating

If you are trying to figure out how to eat healthy without spending your whole paycheck at Whole Foods, look no further than your mom. Let’s just take the family diet on offer at my household circa the mid-90s. This was pre-internet. There were no mommy forums, no meal-planning sites, no coupon-clipping apps. But my […]

Job Interviewing for a New Millennial

What can you do to hit a home run on your next job interview? With graduations upon us, it’s a natural time to start preparing for job interviews. The job market is flooded with millennial generation applicants who are vying for the same position. At 7.5%, the unemployment rate is at its lowest level since […]

Graduation Presents on a Budget

Do you currently know of someone that’s graduating soon? Well guess what? That means that you’d better save up your pennies, because you’ll need to buy them a gift for their open house. I know I know, the gifts never end. There’s wedding gifts, baby shower gifts, graduation gifts, birthdays, Christmas, and if you’re part […]

The Secret to Financial Success

Do you think about your future? Where you’ll be (want to be) in 5, 10 or 15 years? The biggest secret to financial success – or success in any endeavor – is to think farther ahead than most people do. To illustrate how that works, think about kids growing up. They gradually become able to […]