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Wedding Budget: 3 Little Known Ways to Cut Costs

Wedding Budget 3 Little Known Ways to Cut Costs - TaxACT

Are you getting married in the near future?

Are you trying hard to stick to that wedding budget when planning?

First off, congratulations!

Now you just have to figure out how to have a classy wedding (and stick to your wedding budget) without paying for it for the next ten years.

Sure, weddings can be expensive, but there are ways to cut down on the bills without sacrificing the atmosphere and décor of your wedding.

Look For a Non-Weekend Day

On which day would you say most weddings are held? If I had to make a guess, I would say that it’s either Friday or Saturday. In short, on the weekend!

And when is demand the highest for renting churches for these weddings? Well, the weekend of course.

So, since demand is high for 2 days out of the week, prices are inflated on these days and greatly impact your wedding budget.

What if you thought a little outside of the box and decided to book your wedding date on a Thursday?

Before you scoff at the idea, it could actually save you money in two ways.

First of all, the church and reception hall will be discounted because there are no other couples that are fighting for that day.

Most of the time, you can book a reservation for half the price.

Secondly, with the wedding on a Thursday, only the truly important people in your life will show up.

This means that you’ll be spending less on the reception dinners!

Find an At-Home Cake Decorator

Instead of searching for your cake at the high-class shops in town, keep your wedding budget in mind and scout out the local talent that work out of their homes.

I know a couple of women that are amazing cake decorators, but they don’t have their own shops.

Ask some of your friends that recently got married and I’m sure that you’ll get some great references that have reduced pricing compared to those fancy shops.

If you’re concerned about the wedding cake coming out perfectly, maybe you could have them make only the sheet cakes.

Keep It Simple

We all know that there is such a thing as overkill, and this can happen at weddings too.

Much of the time, the bride wants to have so many plants and flowers and pillars at the front of church that it just looks too busy.

It almost takes away from what’s actually going on – the wedding!

Keep the decorations limited to two medium sized pieces, one on each side of the bride and groom, perhaps with an accent flower as well.

Instead of placing a decorative flower on the end of each row of seating, place one on every other seat, or maybe even one every three seats.

It will still look wonderful as you walk down the aisle, and it will save you a fortune on flower costs!

What Really Matters?

In order to save on your wedding costs, you just have to keep the moment in perspective.

What is the purpose of this wedding?

Is it to wow people with your decorative and planning skills? Is it to entertain a bunch of people that you barely know?

Of course not!

The purpose of this day is to unite with the love of your life and commit to them forever. Keep your mind on that and the rest will seem insignificant.

Do you have other ideas on how to cut costs on your wedding day?

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