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10 Events to Consider When Planning Your Child’s Financial Future

10 Events to Consider When Planning Your Child’s Financial Future - TaxACT Blog

You want the best for your children: good health, a great education and solid financial security. And if you want that last part to include money for college or a financial lifeline for an accident or illness, the time to start planning is now — even if “now” means “while you’re still working on becoming […]

Something You Need, But Hope to Never Use

Something You Need, But Hope to Never Use; Life Insurance - TaxACT

What is it that you really need, but you hope to never use? It’s life insurance, of course. September is National Life Insurance Awareness Month and it’s a good time to discuss this important tool in our financial first aid kit. We want our family to be provided for in the event of a tragedy, […]

Moms Listen Up: You Need Life Insurance, Too

Moms Listen Up You Need Life Insurance Too - TaxACT

Could you imagine what the total cost would be of having your own personal chef, nurse practitioner, counselor, bookkeeper, decorator, chauffeur, cleaning lady? It would cost a ton! If you’re a mom, you’ve probably just realized that I just listed some (definitely not all) of your daily duties of being a mother. It is very […]

6 Items For Your Emergency Financial First Aid Kit

Financial First Aid Kit

Are your finances prepared and organized for a financial emergency? Do you have a plan if a financial emergency occurs? When our youngest son, Joshua, was born we started saying, “If he had been our first, he would have been our last.” That little boy had more energy and could get into more scrapes than […]