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Over the course of several days, personal finance experts from around the web, people just like you and me, will be sharing their #howisave stories.

Each is filled with tips and strategies you can actually put in place to keep more money in your pocket.


Monday, January 12

How I Save By Front Loading My Life And Making My Money Work For Me
via The College Investor

How I Save Money On Travel Without Getting Stressed Out
via Untemplater

How I Saved Money So I Could Start My Own Business
via Grad Money Matters

How to Put Away Savings (Just Like the Government Does With Your Money)
via Free From Broke

How I Save: Credit Card Sign-Up Bonuses
via Your Personal Finance Pro

Tuesday, January 13

How I Save Money… [In Pictures]
via Budgets are Sexy

How I Save Money on Travel
via Planting Money Seeds

How I Save In New York City
via The Broke and Beautiful Life

How I Save – Prioritizing Spending & Tracking My Progress
via Cash Money Life

How I Save
via Money Under 30

Wednesday, January 14

Increase Your Savings By Identifying Specific Reasons To Save
via Financial Samurai

How I Save Money: Conquering the Money Mindset
via Single Moms Income

How I Save My Business Money: My $76 Home Office Makeover
via Careful Cents

How I Save
via Narrow Bridge

Practical Tips How I Save (and You Should Too)
via Broke Millennial

Thursday, January 15

How I Save
via Modest Money

How I Save: The Cost of Raising a Child
via Kids Ain’t Cheap

10 Ways I Plan On Saving Money In 2015
via Making Sense of Cents

How I Save Oodles of Money AND Stay Lazy
via Stacking Benjamins

How I Save Money on Nearly Everything
via Dear Debt

Friday, January 16

How to Spend $50 a Week on Groceries
via Budget Blonde

How I Save on Everyday Expenses
via Cult of Money

How I Save… By Cutting Costs On Things I Already Pay For
via Bible Money Matters

How I Save Money by Working at Home
via Club Thrifty

How I Save on Groceries? Shopping Smart. #howisave
via Young Finances

5 Simple Ways We Save Money On Kids Toys
via Frugal Rules

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*Savings based on costs for consumers who filed returns with TaxACT compared to survey data on average costs for taxpayers using paid preparers for 2012-2013 income.