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Itemized Deductions vs. Above-the-Line Deductions

Income tax deductions are items that reduce your taxable income. But, there’s more to the story. It’s important to be aware that not all deductions are created equal.

How to Estimate Your Tax Refund or Balance Due

This year, don’t let your tax results take you by surprise. Instead of spending time worrying about whether you are withholding enough income tax from your paycheck, take a few minutes to do something about it. Be proactive in your tax planning so you can feel confident you’re covered come tax season.

7 Ways Investment Gains and Losses Affect Your Taxes

If you have substantial investment gains or other income this year, make sure you know how they will affect your taxes, and be prepared to deal with them. If you have investment losses, on the other hand, you also need to know how your tax return may be impacted. You may want to change your […]

7 Ways Being in the Military Affects Your Taxes

Being a member of the U.S. Armed Forces can bring a variety of unique challenges to your financial and family life. You may serve overseas for extended periods of time, travel for training and move frequently. You may also incur special expenses, such as the cost and maintenance of military uniforms. Fortunately, the IRS has […]