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Where’s My Refund? Step-by-Step Timeline of your Tax Refund

From the time you prepare and file your tax return, to the day you find your tax refund in your mailbox or your bank account, you’re never alone. Here is a timeline of your tax refund and where you can find help when you need it. Where’s my refund?

What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Refund [Infographic]

You’ve successfully organized your tax documents and receipts to e-file your taxes fast with TaxAct. Congratulations! Now, where’s my refund? How the e-file and refund process works is a frequently asked question we get. The short answer is this…

File Simple Federal Taxes Easy, Fast & Free on Your Mobile With TaxACT Express

It felt like winter was never going to end and so the April 15 tax filing deadline sounded like light-years away. Now reality has set in — it’s April, and you still need to file taxes! Don’t panic -grab your tax documents, download the TaxACT Express app, and you’ll be done in minutes.