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Student Loan Relief Puts a Large Payment Towards Never Ending Student Loans


We believe how we act as a company, and as individuals, is a measure of who we are.

A girl in a convocation gown with her parents with the TaxAct logo "It's how we act"

As a company, we act responsibly and with integrity to provide the best value in tax preparation products.

As individuals, we believe financial responsibility and higher education play major roles in our community’s future.

This sweepstakes recognizes students and graduates who share those same values and act responsibly using their college education to better their communities.

Congratulations Sarah on winning $1,500!

Sarah went to Kaplan University full time while raising two little ones. She obtained a degree in Criminal Justice with an emphasis on Law Enforcement and graduated seven years ago.

Now, Sarah is a busy working mother of three; a 10 year old, 12 year old and a 17 month old.

The following is a brief question and answer with Sarah:

TaxACT: What made you choose this specific area of study?

Sarah: I was fascinated with the justice system since I was a little kid watching shows like Matlock and Murder She Wrote. Then came the shows like Forensic Files and I became hooked.

TaxACT: How will your education make a difference for you and your family?

Sarah: This is kind of hard to answer since I am not working in my line of study at this time. However, because I did have a degree I got a higher starting wage than most at my current job.

TaxACT: How will your area of study make a difference in your community?

Sarah: When I can find a job in my field, I will be able to interact with others on a daily basis and find out their needs and the best way to help. I chose Criminal Justice so I would never have a boring day on the job.

TaxACT: How will student loan relief from TaxACT help you make a difference for your community and family?

Sarah: It will allow me to put a large payment toward my never ending student loans, which makes me very happy because I am not working in my field. Thank you for this opportunity!

Congratulations again Sarah! Best of luck in landing your dream job within Law Enforcement.

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