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Alternative Tax Fact #5: When H&R Block More Zero Gets More Expensive

When H&R Block More Zero Gets More Expensive - TaxAct Blog

Offers for “free” online tax filing are everywhere. The problem is many of those free offers don’t make it clear that you’ll pay a fee for features you might think are included. Take H&R Block’s More Zero, for example.

Did you know you’ll have to upgrade if you want to call technical support? That’s right, simply getting a real human on the phone to answer a question costs extra. But, H&R Block doesn’t mention that in its More Zero commercials.

If you ask us, charging extra fees for something most filers think is included feels a lot like nickel-and-diming.

To make matters worse, an upgrade to H&R Block Deluxe costs $34.99 just to file your federal return. If you need to file a state return as well, your cost jumps to $71.98! That’s one heck of a price hike when you just want a little help!

In this case the old adage, “nothing in life is free,” seems to ring true.

But, not if you file with TaxAct. We don’t force an upgrade just because you need a little help. Instead, we include free phone support with all of our products, including TaxAct Online Free Edition.

That’s right, help is on the house.

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