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7 FAQs about Form 1095-A, Health Insurance Marketplace Statement

7 FAQs about Form 1095-A — Health Insurance Marketplace Statement - TaxAct Blog

If you bought health insurance through the government health insurance marketplace in 2016, you will receive Form 1095-A, Health Insurance Marketplace Statement, in the mail.

This form should arrive in your mailbox by January 31, 2017.

Read on to get answers to 7 of the most common questions about Form 1095-A.

1. Why do I need Form 1095-A?

You need Form 1095-A to complete IRS Form 8962 – Premium Tax Credit (PTC).

This information provided on this form will help you complete your income tax return, claim premium tax credits and adjust any tax credit payments.

2. When and how do I file Form 1095-A?

While Form 1095-A is not filed with your tax return, the information is needed to complete Form 8962, Premium Tax Credit. Form 8962 should be filed as part of your tax return for 2016.

If you use TaxAct to prepare your return, the program asks you questions and completes Form 8962 for you if required.

3. Do I qualify for the premium tax credit?

To qualify for the premium tax credit you must be in the low- to mid-income ranges, not qualify for insurance through a government program, such as Medicare, Medicaid or CHIP, or not offered a qualifying, employer-sponsored plan considered affordable for you income level.

As you determine your eligibility, keep in mind no one else can claim you as a dependent on their tax return. This includes your parents.

In addition, you can’t claim the premium tax credit if your filing status is married filing separately.

4. How much can I make before I no longer qualify for a premium tax credit?

Credit are phased out at 100 percent to 400 percent of the federal poverty level. (The limits in Hawaii and Alaska are higher.)

If your income is above the upper limit, you don’t qualify for the premium tax credit.

The following income limits apply to residents of most states for 2016, based on family size:

  • Family size 1: 11,770 up to 47,080
  • Family size 2: 15,930 up to 63,720
  • Family size 3: 20,090 up to 80,360
  • Family size 4: 24,250 up to 97,000

Typically, the lower your income, the more help you receive through a premium tax credit.

5. How do I calculate my household income for the premium tax credit?

To determine your household income for this purpose, start with your adjusted gross income.

Your adjusted gross income includes all your taxable income, reduced by “adjustments,” including moving expenses and retirement plan contributions.

6. Add back the following items to calculate your household income:

  • Nontaxable Social Security benefits
  • Tax-exempt interest income
  • Excluded foreign income

TaxAct calculates your household income and allowable credit for you making it easy to determine your income.

7. If my income disqualifies me for advance credit payments I’ve already received, how much could I have to pay back?

If your income was more than you expected during a year when you received advance credit payments, and your income is above 400 percent of the federal poverty level, the entire amount of advance credit payments you received must be paid back.

However, if you made more than you expected to, but your income is still below 400 percent of the federal poverty level, the amount paid back is capped.

For example, if your income is less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level ($23,540 for an individual in 2016), you will not have to pay back more than $300 of advance credit payments.

If your income is less than 300 percent of the federal poverty level, the maximum amount you will pay back as an individual is $750.

If your income is less than 400 percent of the federal poverty level, as an individual you won’t have to pay back more than $1,250.

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  1. I waited to file to make sure I had the right marketplace form. My tax return was accepted on April 11. Got the same letter they needed the form faxed to them. Faxed on May 2. Called IRS they received the fax. Man told me 4 to 6 weeks more of waiting. Status on IRS website still processing no refund date given. If someone has received there refund please let me know how many weeks you waited? Maybe in 12 weeks of waiting I will get mine. Direct deposit suppose to be faster, not this year. They knew it was a problem and did nothing to fix it.

  2. frustrated too says:

    I’ve been waiting almost eight weeks for my refund but if I count the three weeks prior to waiting on my return to find out I needed the 1095 its eleven weeks. wmr is giving me the same massage that I’ve gotten for almost eight weeks .. still procesing

  3. frustrated says:

    filed 2/2 accepted 2/3 wmr bar said I would receive my refund 2/26 on 2/25 received a letter in the mail,stating I needed a,1095 needed to be returnd in 10 days.My provider email it to me.. Mailed off certified return receipt on 3/4 got confirmation of the irs receipt on 3/12 . On 3/10 haven’t heard anything itstill been almost 8 weeks and wmr status still processing a date will be provided when available. .. lol!!! Smh!! What can I do bit wait..BTW please don’t fax more them once or mail it after you fax it will slow the process… t

  4. Samantha says:

    This is such a mess, horrible. I e-filed in early February, and the return was accepted a few days later. About a month later I received a letter stating that I did not turn in my 1095 (I only had insurance for about 4 months through the marketplace). I have now called the healthcare marketplace TWELVE times attempting to get the 1095 form!!! Each instance resulted in a worker promising to send me the 1095 form and stating they can’t believe that no one has submitted this to be mailed yet. Yet, it is now April 27 and I STILL haven’t been mailed my 1095. I finally was able to get someone to just READ MY FORM TO ME ON THE PHONE and I wrote down all 33 lines so that I could submit the 8962. I finally just faxed it in. I am doubting we will ever see this refund. What a nightmare.

  5. I filed my taxes on March 2nd. On the day that I was expecting my return; I instead received an unexpected surprise from the IRS. It was the same “fun” letter that many of you have mentioned, requesting that I submit form 8962, after entering the information from the 1095 a. I will be attempting to amend my TurboTax return to reflect the requested changes and sending my response to the IRS over the next couple of days. The letter states that it will take 6-8 weeks to receive my refund. I have the added bonus of planning a cross-country move (FL to PA) on April 30. I am reluctant to request that it be mailed to my current address , and will most likely amend my return address while I am at it. I am hoping that it will still be direct deposited into my bank account – but I have no disillusionment in this regard. I am just hoping that the address I have them most likely to mail to; I will indeed be at.

    • My daughter filed on January 31, received letter stating she had filed with wrong 1095. Finally after numerous calls to get corrected 1095 we downloaded form, called Marketplace, took corrected 1095 to H & R and they faxed it. We called IRS to see if faxed info went through and they said there was no way to find out unless it was sent with original paperwork. Now H & R has threatened to take her to collection because her refund has been delayed due to this silverplan mistake by the Marketplace. I have called, she has called and I have emailed the Whitehouse numerous time and the fact is the IRS does what the IRS wants to do and they said it could take up to 8 weeks. It has only been a little over 2 since she sent the faxed corrected 1095. Has been saying still processing since first week of February.

  6. I wonder what happens if you made less than you expected and your coverage got cancelled in September due to not being able to afford your premium payments because of a change in income? you still get penalized??

  7. I still haven’t received my 1095A. I called the marketplace on Feb 15th and was told there was a processing error and they could only show that I had coverage through October of last year which is when my premium changed because I notified them of a job change. They did an escalation and told me I would have the form in 14 days. I’ve called several times since then and it’s always a different story. Last week I was told the form was mailed on March 11. Today I was told that it should be mailed by the end of the month and they are doing yet another escalation which could take 30 days. Really? 30 days…that’s past the filing deadline. What a bunch of idiots. At this rate I’ll get my refund next year.

  8. how in the world do you get a 1095A and what is a 8962 ? I have called healthcare .gov who says they will send one and I call and call they NEVER come in the mail.

  9. My husband and I filed are taxes on Feb 27th got a letter from the IRS requesting form 1095 A form. I never received this form and now I can’t get it. I spent all day today just to get the run around. Following I faxed the IRS a letter that they asked for from DPSS here in California. I called the IRS at 7 to be told to go to the federal market place which has no such form then I call covered California to which refers me back to the market place which refers me back to the IRS. The next time I owe taxes maybe I can use the same tactic. I have been on hold with the IRS with no end insight. I think a bullet to the head is a great idea. I am going have to file a law suit to get the money that is owed to me and maybe they could figure out there ass from there head.

  10. Do anyone knows the fax number for Pennsylvania

  11. It is March 17th and I have still not received my 1095 form. I have called Marketplace repeatedly. First 3 calls they continued to tell me that I can go to website and print it out. Mind you I have checked my Marketplace Acct several times a day hoping it is somehow going to show up. Now I have called an additional 3 times (mind you the wait time on hold is generally about 35-60 mins) and they’ve now told me that they are going to escalate it and resend it, then the lady again tells me that its available online BUT IT IS NOT, only thing available online is a message saying Ill get my 1095 form in the beginning of February and there is nothing to even click on. Then 2 weeks ago I received 3 automated calls telling me that they are waiting for it to be approved, and it’ll be reissued. So now, here we are March 17th, missed my tax appointment twice and still nothing.

  12. I filed in February. 22 days later I get letter from IRS that I have to send in 1095-A form to complete my taxes. I had coverage from the Health Insurance Marketplace for not even 2 months before cancelling and getting insurance through my new job. Will I get penalized for this? Will I have to pay it back?

  13. Like many others, I’m still waiting on my tax refund because of an incorrect 1095-A. I filed on Feb. 6, and the IRS is “still processing” my return. In January, I repeatedly called the Healthcare Marketplace and my insurance provider, but no one could give me the 2014 SLCSP premium amount. Most staffers didn’t even know what SLCSP meant! I spent months trying to buy the insurance through the malfunctioning Marketplace website at its “debut”; now this. I retired as a local government auditor, but would love to be back at the federal level to dig into this fiasco and publish the inevitable embarrassing results!

    • Yes the same for me. I filed on Feb 7 and is still waiting patiently! Yea right

      • fustrated says:

        Do they tell you that they will be contacting you by the end of March

      • filed 1/31 with the 1095A got a call from say if I already filed the wrong 1095a I do not need to do anything but my refund still in review talked with an irs agent who was to call me back never did. so were is our refunds ? has anyone gotten back the refund yet?

    • I efiled on Feb 7, and today (March 23) received a letter asking for me to send my 1095-A… shouldn’t they have that information? Is everyone who efiled going to have to send their 1095-A separately? Don’t their computers talk to each other??? They say I should receive my refund within 8 MORE weeks…

      • We filed at 1/31 and still waiting until now. We faxed the form 1095A 2 weeks ago and when we call IRS they tell us to wait 4 weeks from the time we faxed. WMR site says “still processing” and we can’t view our 2014 transcript online.
        I’ll call again at the end of this month to follow up. I hope we all get our money soon.

  14. Jerome Roberts says:

    Numerous posters appear to be mistaken or were given incorrect information about the 1095-A form. It is NOT filed with IRS but is used simply to complete the 8965 form which is the one that gets file. The IRS gets it copy of the 1095-A form from the Marketplaces. It does not need nor utilize the one sent by the individual. I had an issue with TurboTax not completing fully the 1095 e.g., policy start and end dates because it never asked me for the information. But, that turns out to be academic as the only 1095-A that needs to be correct is the one generated from the Marketplaces.

  15. souad elfarsaoui says:

    It is march 13 and still didn’t receive my refund yet. I recieved a call from irs asking for form 1095 to complet 8962 they give me fax numbers 8668835134 and 5124607286.i tried the second number many times for three days always busy and no response.i took a copy of my forms and went to the irs office to make sure that they receive the forms but they weren’t able to see what’s going on.please I want to know how long it takes to get the refund after submiting a correct 1095 form.

  16. It’s March 12 and have still not received form 1095-a

    • March 14, still no 1095-a

    • Go to the market place website. You can find it there and print it yourself.

      • I check the Marketplace daily. My corrected 1095-a isn’t there yet!

      • Yeah, that won’t work for a “small minority” of Marketplace users as the 1095’s were never produced and/or lost in the system. I had the unfortunate necessity of having to use the marketplace for three months. No 1095 for me and not available online.

        • I’m part of that minority. I ended up using the slscp tool to guess what should be on my form

          I’ve been calling them since January 31. Every time a different story, once they even had the audacity to tell me I didn’t need it because I had no tax credits only to find out of I had tried filling without it I would have gotten fined for not having insurance

          March 25 and I still don’t have it, called weekly, each time they’ve told me they escalated me and it should be in the mail, all of them are completely incompetent there

          I am strongly for the affordable care act, but this is making me pissed off beyond measure

  17. Has anyone gotten their refund since sending in the 1095, If so how long did it take?

    • Return accepted 2/1, letter 12c for not filing 1095-a form 2/19, mail 12c letter plus 1095-a form on 2/20,Call IRS 3/13.Where’s my refund shows deposit date 3/14.CALL THE IRS

      • I filed my return on Feb 4th. I then was notified on FEB 25TH that I needed to send in form 8962 along with my 1095a form. Faxed it in on 3/5 and still have yet to hear anything. Where’s my refund is showing that it is still being processed.. Anyone having the same problem???

    • No i havent it still says processing but inread that it takes from 3-6 weeks

    • No. My daughter could not get corrected copy from Marketplace. They said they could see the form but due to computer problems (theirs) we could not get it, they kept saying they mailed it but it did not arrive. Finally we downloaded 1095 from IRS website, called Marketplace and filled it out. Took it to H & R block and they faxed it. However, she filed January 31, received letter from IRS to send correct 1095. Faxed corrected 1095 over 2 weeks ago. Now H & R is telling her because IRS has not refunded her direct deposit return they are going to turn the amount she owes for tax prep to collection dept. They better not because they should have know better and did the job correctly. The IRS told her it could be from 4 to 8 weeks after they received the faxed correction. Has said still processing since first week of February.

  18. I received a letter from the IRS stating I needed to file form 8962 and to use the form 1095-A I received from the marketplace, problem is, I have healthcare through my employer. Turns out my stepchildren’s POS father signed them up in late October and never told my wife and I! Now the IRS is trying to get my tax refund because of this a–hole because I’m the one who claimed them on my tax return. I called a tax attorney and they say it’s a joke!! So I’m going to fax them info. from my employers healthcare, I hope it works, if not, I don’t know what I’ll do.

    • How did you get this straightened out? Same thing happened to me this year.

    • What did you have to end up doing? I got the same letter. I am divorced and the divorce decree states that I get to claim the oldest 2 of our 3 children. It also states he is to carry the insurance on all of the children. They were on marketplace insurance for 3 months last year. Now I’m wondering what to do.

  19. Does anyone know the fax # in Georgia to send this form?

  20. My son rec’d his 1095; we filed his 1040 EZ on 2/4 electronically. The WFR keeps saying in process for the past 6 weeks. We cannot reach a live person. What is going on????

    • Just checked WFR and says the same thing. Problem is HIA made a mistake on column B and sent new information recently. About $16 difference per line. Now I’m trying to figure out if I need to amend my return or just resubmit with new information. Can’t get a hold of anyone at IRS.

  21. hon rich says:

    I cannot understand why generating 1095A forms has been allowed to develop into such a mess except that there is a complete lack of oversight at the top. Worse, as a consumer I have no recourse but to wait and wonder. I began reaching out to last year to correct errors in my records. After someone lost all of the data and recreated it without thought for future reconciliation I am still trying to straighten out relatively easy information. In my last call one of the Tier II reps it was suggested I caused the problem! The issue is that there is no place that the buck stops; no one is responsible for follow through. No one it seems is responsible for anything. Even the simplest task is beyond the ability of the reps and Tier II. So, the diligent consumer goes in circles with no end in sight. How frustrating.

  22. Tierra James says:

    I filed and got accepted on a Jan 26 2015 i had .the marketplace insurance never received any letters after several called i was notified that the irs needed the 1095A for m to finsh processing my refund i weng to the irs local office ro delivery thd form so that it can be processed faster they told me 2 – 4, weeks haz anyone had thid problem need my money for over due bills :(

  23. I e-filed end of January and was expecting a refund around 2/17. Instead, no refund but i did receive a letter asking me to fax in my form 1095 to the IRS. So, the IRS didn’t already have this information. My refund won’t be processed til the next 4-6 weeks, so they say. I never used the insurance because very few places in my town even accepted. A complete waste.

    • lavette says:

      Can you please share with me the fax number please

    • Alecia Leonetti says:

      What number did you use to fax the form? I have to do that as well, but the number thats on the letter never lets the fax complete. I hope it is a faster turn around for both of us!

      • did you ever get the fax number? I called and finally got this one 855-204-5020 but I don’t think its correct the guy on the phone seemed more lost than me. do you have a different one you could share?

  24. $1250? mine just said $1500
    at the time i signed up i was layed off, i even called the marketplace and told ’em about my job, told ’em how much i made.. yadda yadda yadda my premium never changed now i owe 1500. YAY obamacare the only good thing about this president is that no one has killed him, cuz people would be praising him instead of realizing the crook he really is

  25. I filed feb 9 I got a letter saying I needed to do the same thing.problem is I’ve never had ins.from marketplace .I have medicaid. So I faxed them a copy of my insurance cards . How can they make that mistake

  26. Everyone should have received this form by January 31st…. and yet today is February 28 and I have not received the form and it is not online like they say it should be and no one will tell me why I don’t have it or how long it will take to get it. Wait times are horrible and no one I talk to knows anything any way. I’m glade this health care reform has created new jobs but it seems as though they have hired people that don’t know anything. Hiring out of desperation never works out!

    • I never got a form, and when I called my local Health Care provider They said that people on the lowest form of Medicaid eligible for State Coverage would not be getting one.

  27. So, I enrolled for obamacare through Maryland Healthcare in January and they said the 1095-A form was sent on January 31st, today is February 24th. I have not received them yet. I am in a huge mess, I have to get the taxes done so i can get the FAFSA rolling before the deadline. Indirectly, one form is messing with my whole life.

    • Log into the exchange website with your account name and password.
      A copy of your 1095-A should be under “emails” in your account.

    • Login to the site that you signed up for healthcare on and see if you have any 1095A files or documents you can download and print out.
      I never received mine from and forgot to file it with my return on 2-7, I called IRS on 2-23 and found out that i was missing for 8862 and needed to fax it in. all that time I still never received the 1095A and had to print it off
      Good luck.

    • This message is to the commenter HELP:

      My name is Melissa Quinn, and I’m a reporter with The Daily Signal in Washington, D.C. I’m very interested in what you were saying about needing the 1095-A form so you can ultimately fill out the FAFSA. Would I be able to speak with you about this? You can reach me at


    • I am in a similar situation, Covered California Healthcare sent my 1095A to the wrong address without telling me. It had stated that it was available and I should be getting it even though I never got it. I had already had filed my federal taxes and needed it done for my FAFSA for school. Then I went to the website on Covered California and was locked out of signing up into my account after I forgot my password. My taxes haven’t been filed and I need it for my financial aid for college or else I am afraid I won’t receive it for school next year.

      • after talking to the market place many times and telling them my 1095A was wrong they finally got it corrected it was never mailed you have to go on the website and download it, iam sure many people 1095 are wrong and they dont even know it . they may find out after they do their taxes they have a corrected 1095 and then will need to ammend there return

  28. I need help ! I received a call from marketplace stating my 1095 form was incorrect ( second lowest silver lining premium) and not to file my taxes. I went online to find out that the original 1095 form stated I paid 281.18 for all 12 months when I only paid 281.18 for eight months. At the current moment I owe $750. With the corrected amount of 8 months, would I owe the government more or less at the end of tax season? I actually made more than expected this year.

  29. I had health insurance though the marketplace for 5 months, i didn’t use it ONCE, and now apparently “the premium tax credit that i need to repay is $600″… someone please tell me if there is any way i can avoid this ridiculous situation? why should i owe anything to anyone when i already paid my monthly bill for the insurance that I NEVER USED ONCE. IS THERE ANY WAY AROUND THIS? if i can somehow get ahold of someone at the marketplace, can they help me find away around this? PLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND WHAT IS GOING ON!

    i should have never gotten any insurance. this is complete bullshit.

    • The only way around it, would be if you found out that you paid for the whole premium price and didn’t receive the tax credits toward the monthly premium.
      So, if any of the monthly premium was paid by your Premium Tax Credits, then there is no way around it, even if you didn’t use the insurance.

      Insurance that you pay for through work of private insurance, you don’t get refunded for the months that you didn’t use the insurance. It works the same way with Obamcare.

  30. If I did not file my 1095 what info I need to fill out the 8962 form?

    • You will need the info from your 1095A and info from your 2014 tax return. Also, if the IRS did not send you a letter stating that they need the 1095A and the 8962, you need to call them, your tax return will sit in the Errors department until they receive these forms. You will have to mail/fax in the forms and the letter from the IRS, they will not accept the forms with out the letter and it takes about 2 weeks to get the letter from the IRS by mail. If they said that they have sent the letter, make sure that they sent it to the correct address.
      Hope this helps. Good luck.

      • Hi Kay..thanks so much for the info. I talked to someone yesterday at the IRS and she told me that they sent out a letter stating they need my 1095a form and she gave the number to fax and didn’t say anything about faxing it with the letter, I’m hoping I’m ok.

  31. Nothing like being penalized for signing up for a government healthcare system because we were told we would be penalized if we didn’t. The government screws us one way or the other. We were getting back $1200, even though we didn’t even make the income I told them we’d make, we still have to pay back. Our refund dropped $600. We need a harsher word than BS, because they have royally screwed the American people.

  32. Hi. I bough Taxact 2013 Delux edition last year. How can I update this to use this for 2014 Tax refund?

  33. Karthik Venkat says:

    I have got the form 1095A for my wife who was covered from May 2014. The form shows the Premium Tax Credit (PTC) as zero. Do I still have to file 8962 form while I file the taxes jointly using 1040EZ ?

  34. Losing my mind says:

    I had already filed my taxes and then a week later (the first of February) I received the 1095-a form. I’ve had tax people tell me to not file them just wait and I have people telling me to call. it’s due to my refund still not being approved. It’s now 13 days since being in the processing state. Sooo my question is do I need to file an amends to enter this form or can I just fax the form to the irs to be added to my already filed taxes!? This is crazy and soooo confusing! I had no clue I was going to get taxed for HAVING insurance! If I had known I would have took the $95 dollar fine for no insurance . Someone please give me advice!!

    • cantrell barney says:

      You have to file your 1095 form and 8962 form with your taxes. When I did my taxes without irs contacted me bye mail letting me know they needed those forms so i fax the forms to them and now im playing the waiting game.

      • What numbers did u fax them to? I’m trying to fax mine but the status keeps saying busy.

        • losing my cool says:

          559-456-7233. It was busy for over 3 hours. My mom faxed it and it went through on the second try.

      • losing my cool says:

        Have you received your refund or have a direct deposit date

      • I filed a month ago and haven’t received a refund or any notice from the irs. I called to check on my refund and found out they were not going to process my refund until they got the 1095a and 8962 forms. The irs representative couldn’t tell me where to send these forms and now that I have both forms ready to send back I have no fax number or address to send it to! Can anyone help??! Please!! Every aspect of obamacare is a complete nightmare!! I will gladly pay the fine for being uninsured next year.

      • I saw your post about faxing the forms to IRS. I recently faxed mine, but haven’t heard anything yet. Has the IRS made progress with yours yet?

      • Christina says:

        Does anyone know how long it is taking to get your return if you had to submit your 8962 and 1095A after you efiled? is it really taking 6 to 8 weeks?

    • I’ve waited out my 21 days for my refund and on the 20th day I recieved a letter from the IRS saying that I had to send the 1095A form in before they could finish processing my refund. AND it could take up to 6 to 8 weeks.

      • losing my cool says:

        I was told the same thing. Please update if it came or comes sooner. Has there been any changes on where’s my refund for you yet?

        • So frustrated says:

          Have you gotten any response from them? Or has your refund been approved yet? I was in the same boat and faxed my form last friday. I just don’t know if I should call them and make sure they got it instead of waiting 6-8 weeks and I still dont get my money. Grr!

          • I’m in the same boat. I sent my fax in this pass Friday. I just hoping that my refund will come sooner that 6 to 8 weeks. If anyone get there’s sooner please post how long it took from the day you faxed your information.

          • Lovelygirl334 says:

            Did anyone get there money yet?

          • I’m also in the same boat, playing the waiting game now!

          • Nope. Filed on Feb.7 and nothing yet!

          • IRS accepted return 2/6…received letter for my 1095-A 3/8…fax number was a joke, attempted 15 times and it came back every time. Sent it VIA Certified Mail, delivery date of 3/16…still nothing..still waiting..a little over 3k.. :,(

  35. tiesha matlock says:

    after I faxed over my 8962 form how long will it be for the irs to update my new amount and status?anybody know help plzzz..

  36. I had insurance through the market place for only five months. I called and canceled my insurance because I got a new job, and was getting coverage under them. I’m trying to do my taxes, and they are telling me I still am having to pay back $300!! Are you serious?! Is it required we submit the 1095A form? If I dont, I only pay back $85! Such bs!

  37. This totally sucks! I paid for the Silver plan for the entire year and never went to the doctor once, but more than $500 was taken from my Federal refund because of this! I wish that I had never signed up for this health insurance and just had the $95 penalty at this rate! This is so unfair!

    • You are not alone. The same exact thing happened to me when filing my taxes!! After I entered the info on Form 1095, my federal refund dropped down $600. There’s going to be ALOT of unhappy taxpayers..

  38. Seiry Acedo says:

    How long after submitting the 1095-A form does it take to get my refund?

  39. I never got my 1095-A. I called Covered Calif and they said “it was mailed” – I asked for a copy and they said no, just fill one out yourself! What the Hay! If it were really “in the mail” I would have received it, now they want me to pull up the blank form and fill it out myself. What would you suggest that I do. Obama care is a royal mess.

  40. My minor sons nontaxable social security benefits are added to my income even though he filed his own return. He did not have to file a return except to get back what was withheld. I don’t know how to keep his social security and his income to stop showing up on my return thus adding to my adjusted gross income making me not eligible for the tax credit. The Marketplace told me all year that non taxable social security should not be included and now it is being included..

  41. Basically we are forced to pay for something I didn’t need or use last year and now I have to pay back for the services I never used. this health care crap is bs. I should have just not signed up and took the fine.

  42. I will say some extra benefits about the health insurance
    Nearly 31 percent said they thought the Democratic bills would make their personal financial situation worse, compared with 10 percent who said it would improve their family budgets. * Forty-two percent

  43. My 2014 income was less than I expected it to be and reported and the government told me what my premium tax credit would be yet now they say my tax credit should of been half of what I was given and I am being penalized.

  44. I only made $32,000 but might have to payback all the tax premium credit I received. Why you ask? Well part of the fine print that only 2/15 people could answer on phone line is that if your states 2nd lowest silver plan is within 9.5% of your income then your not eligible for health premium tax credit. It makes me wonder what other hidden information there is? Btw, I live in Ga and I would of had to male approximately less than 30K to be eligible not the $11,490-$45,960 stated in this article.

    • I’m in Texas and this BS fine print hit us too.. we have to pay back ALL of the tax credit even though we weren’t even close to hitting the Income Limit.

      • Same thing happen to me and my husband the say we owe them 3200 dollars I very much hate this healthcare insurance

  45. joanna tomas says:

    if I received the premium tax credit and then get a 1095 A tax form, does the credit I got to pay for my health insurance, is that amount being deducted from my tax return?

    • Seiry Acedo says:

      I’m curious too.

    • Joanna — the advance premium tax credit (APTC) you received is not deducted from your tax return. The Form 1095-A you receive from the Marketplace will provide information that you’ll use to complete your Form 8962. On that form, you’ll calculate what your APTC tax credit should have been compared to what you actually received. If you received too little APTC, they’ll add the additional to your tax refund; if you received too much APTC, they’ll withhold the excess from your tax refund. It all depends on the Form 8962 calculation.

  46. james smith says:

    I didn’t buy health insurance through the government health insurance marketplace in 2014.
    Won’t i have to submit a irs form 8965?

    If so, i didn’t see this addressed when i filed my 2014 Fed return with your Taxact.

    • If you had other non-Marketplace health insurance all year, then you simply check the box (on line 61 of Form 1040; or line 38 of Form 1040A; or line 11 of Form 1040EZ). That’s it. Form 8965 is only used if you didn’t purchase health insurance at all and you’re looking to get a Health Coverage Exemption.