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Tax Planning for the Busy Freelancer

Despite all the perks that come along with being a freelancer, paying taxes can quickly make you want to crawl back into the arms of a traditional employer. But, before you launch into complete panic mode, work through this tax planning checklist to prepare yourself for paying Uncle Sam.

The New Business Owner’s Guide to Filing a Tax Return

If you’ve always worked as an employee and had a relatively uncomplicated income tax return, you may wonder how much that will change now that you have a small business. It’s true you’ll have more record-keeping and responsibilities than you did when your employer sent you a Form W-2 at the end of the year.

4 Tax Tips for First-Time Freelancers

Many people these days are switching to a new model of work. Instead of being on payroll as a traditional employee, they are working as freelancers.’

4 Important Things to Know About Form 1099

At the beginning of each New Year, you should begin receiving a host of informational tax statements from various institutions. These institutions can include banks and investment brokerages as well as any other place you did business with during the previous year.

7 Steps to Quitting a Corporate Job to Freelance

So you’ve finally decided to take the leap and join the growing freelance work force. Congrats! It’s thrilling and terrifying all wrapped up into one job.

Tax Responsibilities for Airbnb Hosts

If you’ve ever thought about using Airbnb or other short term rental sites to make a little extra money, you’ve probably wondered how it may affect your taxes. If you have to deal with complicated tax forms and record-keeping, you may think the Airbnb income is hardly worth the trouble. However, depending on your circumstances, […]

How to Tell If You Are Self-Employed

If you’re a freelancer, it’s critical to know whether you’re self-employed or an employee. The distinction has a major effect on your tax responsibilities.

What I Wish I Knew About Taxes for Freelancers When I Started

I write about money for a living. You would think that fact alone would protect me against some, if not all, the surprises that come with paying taxes. But alas, the transition from salaried employee to employee with a side hustle and then to a full-time self-employed person came with a few stumbles.

Are You Part of the Growing Gig Economy?

  It’s now easier than ever to make money on your own. Whether it’s a side venture that earns you a few bucks now and then or a full-time business, there are a variety of ways to create your own income beyond a traditional job.