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Financially Preparing to be a Stay-at-Home Parent

Do you have plans to live on one income while you or your spouse stays home with the kids? This used to be commonplace, but now many households include two working parents. Interestingly though, stay-at-home parenting is no longer mainly women’s work.

The Ultimate Guide to Treating Yourself Without Blowing Your Budget

“Treat yourself” and “YOLO” (you only live once) are popular mantras to justify all kinds of discretionary spending. But how can you splurge on yourself without feeling guilty? Or worse, wiping out your bank account in the process? Consider these five tips for smart splurges.

6 Budgeting Tips to Save on Your Kids’ Sports

Youth sports teams encourage physical fitness, teamwork, communication and self-confidence. But they often come with a hefty price tag. In fact, a survey of more than 250 parents who use TeamSnap, a team and activity management service, found that the largest portion of respondents pay between $3,000 and $5,000 for youth sports each year, with […]

The Eerie Presence of Phantom Income

Halloween evokes spooky images of ghosts and goblins. These specters may not be visible to the eye, but rumor has it, their eerie presence can be felt. Similarly, so-called “phantom income” is money that you don’t actually pocket, but the IRS still treats those funds as taxable income. Nobody likes getting a larger than expected […]

5 Money Books Every Millennial Should Have on Their ‘to-Read’ List

Looking to d­elve deeper into financial topics like creating a budget, paying off debt and saving for retirement? These five books offer advice that’s relevant to the financial concerns and needs of Generation Y:

4 Common Money Mistakes Millennials Make

Ever kick yourself for not planning ahead financially or for making purchases you later regretted? You’re not alone. It’s easy to make a few missteps when you’re first starting out and learning how to stick to a budget. Although there are a few things other generations can learn from Millennials, here’s a look at four […]

5 Money Lessons for Millennials Other Generations Can Learn From

Generation Y has been called lazy, entitled know-it-alls. But the harsh reality is that this generation also graduated into one of the toughest job markets with some of the highest student loan debt, so they’ve had to be scrappy to find their financial footing in an uncertain economic climate. As a result, today’s twenty and […]

5 Money Myths Debunked

Everyone has an opinion about money and how it should be spent. Ever hear that you should avoid debt at all costs? Or that home ownership should be your ultimate financial goal? Well, those are common beliefs, but they aren’t necessarily true for everyone. Here, we look at five all too common money myths.