Solutions to Make Better Decisions with Your Taxes and Money

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Ellie Kay is a regular expert on national television with ABC NEWS NOW’s Money Matters and Good Money shows. She is also a national radio commentator, a frequent media guest on Fox News, and CNBC, a popular international speaker, and the best-selling author of fourteen books including her newest release, The Sixty Minute Money Workout (Waterbrook, 2010). For money savings links visit Ellie's blog.

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Better Manage Your Money in 2015 with These Three New Year’s Financial Goals

What are your New Year’s financial goals for 2015? Sometimes, a decision that starts as New Year’s financial goals can end in a dream come true when you let those goals become a new way of life. Our family did this to get out of debt, pay cash for our cars and save for a […]

7 Ways to Stretch Your Holiday Dollars during Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Stores are making a big push to get bargain hunters to come in during the entire holiday season—beyond Black Friday and Cyber Monday. With the rush to grab shoppers with new sites and apps, it’s easier than ever to save money. But there is a downside, and that is trying to keep your wits about […]

Life Insurance: Something You Need, But Hope to Never Use

What is it that you really need, but you hope to never use? The answer? Life insurance, of course. We want our family to be taken care of in the event of a tragedy, that’s why we purchase life insurance polices. But, at the same time, we hope to never cash in on a policy for ourselves […]

What Babies Really Cost and How to Set a Budget

When my husband and I first got married, we had an instant family of four with his two daughters as my “bonus” babies! Then we added five more children in the first seven years of marriage. So I know a thing or two about economizing when it comes to baby. Most military families are very […]

Improve Your Credit Score and Save More in 3 Easy Steps

Did you know having a good credit score can save you thousands of dollars? Credit scores (or Fair Isaac Credit Score) follow you from job to job and don’t just determine the interest rate you pay on your auto or mortgage loan. Your credit score also can contribute to whether you are promoted in your […]

CEO Mom: What a Mom’s Time is Really Worth

Do you consider yourself a working mom? When I married my husband we had five babies in seven years and moved 11 times in 13 years. I left a nice job as a broker to have a more rewarding career as a SAHM (stay at home mom). One of the questions that I frequently heard […]

The Debt Diet: Practical Ways to Reduce Spending

Do you need to go on a debt diet? My last son weighed almost eleven pounds and I gained an astonishing fifty pounds while expecting him. When I asked the doctor how to lose that baby fat, his answer was pretty simple: diet and exercise. Maybe it was simple for him, but it didn’t sound […]

10 Easy Tips to Save Big and Simplify Your Holiday Shopping

How would you like to simplify your holiday shopping and be free of any added debt?