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Alternative Tax Fact #4: At TurboTax, free can come at a price

Alternative Facts #4: Free can come at a price

“Bargain” airlines might save you money on a ticket, sure, but once you’re on board you’ll pay for your bag, your seat, even water. You know, all the stuff you think should be included at the original price.

It’s the same drill with TurboTax. AbsoluteZero is free, sure, but once you get in there, TurboTax surprises you with unexpected fees to get things you thought were included, like access to your tax return once it’s filed.

If you want to apply for a mortgage or other loans, student financial aid (FAFSA) or provide proof of income for a host of other reasons, your tax return is probably the first document you reach for. But if you file your return with AbsoluteZero, 24/7 access to your return isn’t available for free. Instead, you have to pay more – a lot more than $0 – to have that privilege.

Shouldn’t it be free to access your tax return? We think so. It’s your return, not ours. And it’s certainly not TurboTax’s.

That’s why we take a different approach. We promise to never hold your information hostage. Instead, consider access to your 2016 return on the house, for up to seven years.

We know the other guys will say we’re missing a “lucrative business” opportunity, but, we think giving you access to information that was already yours is the right thing to do.

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