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Archives for April 2014

Filed an Extension? What to Do Now

April 15 has come and gone. If you didn’t quite finish your tax return, you should have filed Form 4868, Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File, to the IRS. This automatic extension gives you another six months to file your tax return – no questions asked. Your tax return is now due October […]

Track Your Charitable Donations to Save You Money at Tax Time

To view the Donation Assistant by TaxACT infographic, click here. Making charitable donations makes a difference to those in need and can save you money at tax time. Donation Assistant by TaxACT is a free mobile app that helps track goods and money you donated to charitable organizations. Your donations can then be easily imported […]

Beat the Deadline: Last Minute Tips for Successful E-Filing

Ideally, we’d all keep perfect records all year long. By January 31, our tax documents would be in order, and we’d start working on taxes with weeks or months to spare. However, in the real world, it doesn’t always work that way. We get busy and next thing we know, we’re staring at the filing […]

7 Common Questions about Cost Basis

What is cost basis, and how do you go about finding it? You’re making great progress on your tax return, when suddenly you need to enter something called a “cost basis” for an asset. If only that were as simple as remembering what you paid for the asset. Here are 7 questions and answers about […]

5 Good Reasons to File a Tax Extension

April 15 is coming fast. For some of us, it’s coming too fast. We might not be quite ready to file our federal and state income taxes for one reason or another. Most people know they can file for an extension and get extra time. They may hate to do that, however, if they’re not […]