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5 Reasons Not To Touch Your Retirement Funds

When you’re short on money – whether it’s due to unemployment, illness, or just the urge to buy a new motorcycle – it’s easy to start eyeing your retirement funds. After all, you’ve been contributing to them all these years. And it’s your money. If your account has gone up in value – lucky you […]

Family Loans: Does The IRS Care If I Lend My Kids Money?

You might lend your kids money from the time they are little – to buy a bicycle, to get that first car, or to buy a house. Does the IRS have anything to do with these family loans? For small loans, the answer is “no.” The IRS isn’t concerned with most personal loans to your […]

Couples and Money: 5 Solutions To Go From Fighting To Freedom

What is the number one reason cited for divorce? You guessed it—money matters! If most couples are asked if they argue about money, they will reply, “We don’t fight about money, we just have some disagreements.” Yeah, right. When Bob and I were newly married he went into an electronics store to buy batteries and […]

Gift Tax: Do I have to pay gift tax when someone gives me money?

Updated for Tax Year 2015 Surprise – Mom and Dad gave you a nice check! Maybe it’s enough for dinner, or maybe it’s more of an “early inheritance.” Either way, do you need to worry about paying tax on your gift? Annual limits before the IRS takes notice First, a gift must be quite substantial […]

The Importance of Self-Education

How do you continue your education? Online classes, college, books? The value of education is stressed upon us from an early age – starting with our teachers pushing us to achieve higher grades, to our parents’ desire for us to continue on to college. However, alternative forms of education, like trade school, apprenticeships and self-education […]