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Weekly Favorites: 10 Ways to Change Your Budget, Changes on 2012 W-2 Forms, 6 Items for Financial First Aid Kit

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Weekly Favorites: January 25, 2013

10 Ways Your Budget Needs to Change in 2013 via LearnVest
It’s a new year! And that means … new limits for IRAs, 401(k)s and Flexible Spending Accounts. Although these aren’t exactly the most exciting topics to think about, they do have important implications for the way you handle your finances over the next 12 months. Continue reading…

2012 W-2 Form Changes You Should Know by TaxACT
There’s been some confusion as of late surrounding the 2012 W-2 form changes and the purpose behind such a change.The following outlines what’s new, what it means for your 2012 tax return and what it means for you going forward. Continue reading…

6 Items For Your Emergency Financial First Aid Kit by Ellie Kay
Just as every family needs a good first aid kit for those unexpected accidents, they also need a financial first aid kit, or practical ways to help safeguard their financial future. I believe that every family can be ready for financial emergencies by assembling a well-stocked financial first aid kit. Continue reading…

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