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Weekly Favorites: The Sixty-Minute Money Workout, IRS Delay Announcement, 5 Financial Conversations for Your Kid

Weekly Favorites: January 11, 2013

The Sixty-Minute Money Workout by Ellie Kay
How would you like to be financially transformed in only one hour per week? I believe that every person’s finances can be transformed by strategically investing one hour a week. Continue reading…

IRS Delay Announcement: No need to wait — 5 reasons to file your taxes now!
We’ve received confirmation that the IRS will not be processing individual income tax returns until January 30th for the vast majority of tax payers. That doesn’t mean you need to wait to file. Get your tax refund back as quickly as possible by filing your taxes now. Continue reading…

5 Financial Conversations You Should Have With Your Kid via LearnVest
When it comes to advice on how to teach your kids about money, it’s hard to sort through the not-so-great stuff to get to the “oh, that’s helpful!” parts. It’s unfortunate because experts say that it’s important to broach the subject of money with kids at a young age. Continue reading…

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