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Weekly Favorites: IRS Takes a Bite Out of U.S. Olympic Medalists’ Winnings, and more

TaxACT Weekly Favorites

TaxACT Weekly Favorites:  February 14, 2014

The Pros and Cons of Tax Refunds

By Kay Bell

Here’s a quick look at some pros and cons of having Uncle Sam hold onto your money for months and then getting it back in a lump sum when the Internal Revenue Service gets around to it. Continue reading…

Understanding Your Tax Forms: The W-2

By Kelly Phillips Erb

It’s not unusual for taxpayers to not have an understanding of the meaning of all of the numbers, letters and other information on those forms. Here’s what you should know about the form W-2, Wage and Tax Statement. Continue reading…

IRS Takes a Bite Out of U.S. Olympic Medalists’ Winnings

By Kay Bell

The U.S. Olympic Committee awards American athletes $25,000 for a gold, $15,000 for a silver and $10,000 for a bronze. The payments are considered taxable income. Continue reading…

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