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Weekly Favorites: With stock market soaring, your 401(k) may need a tune-up, plus more

TaxACT Weekly Favorites: November 15, 2013

TaxACT Weekly Favorites:  November 15, 2013

With stock market soaring, your 401(k) may need a tune-up via Mark Miller
Stocks are in record territory, which probably is great news for your 401(k). Fidelity Investments reported Thursday that average account balances hit a new high in the third quarter, propelled mainly by surging equities markets. Continue reading…

Don’t Procrastinate On Your Roth IRA Contributions via Bible Money Matters
Every October, the IRS announces changes to the rules that govern Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs). Because of the government shutdown, these changes were delayed by a couple of weeks this year. However, just because the government delayed its rollout of the new limits, don’t think that gives you an excuse to put off your Roth IRA contributions. Continue reading…

Generous Gift Buying Guide for a Budget via Ellie Kay
By following the tips listed, you and I can both stay on budget and still be generous givers. Continue reading…

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