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Weekly Favorites: Your November Financial To-Dos, plus more

Weekly Favorites November 8 2013 - TaxACT

TaxACT Weekly Favorites:  November 8, 2013

Your November Financial To-Dos via LearnVest
The holidays, end-of-year tax planning, winter travel … for many of us, this will be the busiest season of the year. All the more reason to make sure your finances are in good shape through the next few weeks. Who wants to worry when there’s gift shopping to do? Check out the financial tasks you should tick off this November. Continue reading…

What Happens if I Miss Too Many Credit Card Payments? via NerdWallet
We live in a busy, hectic world. Every day we’re faced with deadlines, due dates, and schedules galore. It’s easy to understand why, every so often, something gets away from us. We forget to pick up the dry cleaning, or project deadline slips our mind. It’s bound to happen, right? Continue reading…

IRS issues 2014 tax brackets via Kay Bell | Bankrate
The Internal Revenue Service has announced its annual inflation adjustments for more than 40 tax provisions. We’ll get to most of them eventually, but let’s start with the one that you’re most interested in: What’s your coming tax rate bracket? Continue reading…

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