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Weekly Favorites: The Big Capital Gains Tax Mistake Homeowners Make, plus more

Weekly Favorites October 25, 2013 - TaxACT

TaxACT Weekly Favorites:  November 1, 2013

Losing Your Identity In Five Easy Steps. Step One: Go To The Doctor. via Kelly Phillips ErbForbes
I had just been transferred to radiology when I found myself in front of yet another receptionist with a computer. She cheerfully entered most of my information and then asked for my Social Security number. I had left it blank on my medical paperwork for the second time that day. “Do I have to give it to you?” I asked politely.She blinked. Twice. “No,” she said slowly. Continue reading….

The Big Capital Gains Tax Mistake Homeowners Make via Forbes
Imagine making $250,000 and not having to pay taxes on it. That’s the generous tax break –the home sale exclusion — homeowners are entitled to when they sell their primary residence for a gain after having lived in the home for at least two of the five years immediately preceding the sale. Couples can shelter $500,000. But there’s a way to shelter even more. Continue reading…

6 Tax Terrors And How To Overcome Them via Kay Bell – Bankrate
Admit it. You’re afraid of your Form 1040 or any other tax forms. That’s OK. A lot of us are. And our tax fears, sometimes irrational, sometimes warranted, cause us to do a lot of dumb things when it comes to our annual returns. Some people put off filing, some don’t file at all. Neither of those choices is a wise tax move. But fear doesn’t have to paralyze you. Here are six common tax terrors. Some are real. Some aren’t nearly as terrifying as you might think. Continue reading…

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