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Weekly Favorites: Tax-Free Funding for Your Business–From Your 401(k), plus more.

Weekly Favorites October 4 2013 TaxACT

TaxACT Weekly Favorites:  October 4, 2013

TaxACT Acquires Balance Financial via TaxACT
TaxACT is pleased to share some exciting news in anticipation of the upcoming tax season. Today TaxACT acquired Balance Financial, a company with an amazing team behind leading web-based financial tools for both consumers and professionals. Continue reading…

Tax-Free Funding for Your Business–From Your 401(k) via Inc.
If you think using retirement money to start a company means a big tax payment, think again. There’s a way around the problem. Continue reading…

Happy Holidays, now start tax planning via CNBC
The last few months of the year may have everyone thinking about holiday cheer and pumpkin pies, but it’s also prime time for investors to put tax-planning strategies into place that can help reduce their liability for 2013. Continue reading…

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