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Weekly Favorites: Are Americans fleeing due to taxes? and more.

TaxACT Weekly Favorites - September 27

TaxACT Weekly Favorites:  September 27, 2013

Are Americans fleeing due to taxes? via Kay Bell (Bankrate)
The State Department estimates that 7.6 million people no longer call the United States home. And while U.S. statisticians don’t track why people relocate, it’s a safe bet that lots of the moves are because of taxes. Continue reading…

How the New Health Care Law Affects Medical Expense Deductions via Sally Herigstad
For 2013, new rules enacted under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 may affect how much you can deduct for medical expenses – or if you can take a medical expense deduction at all. Continue reading…

Taxes Still Due During Shutdown via Kay Bell (Bankrate)
Here we go again. Congress is stumbling toward a financial deadline that could throw a lot of our lives into chaos, at least for a while. Sadly, this is not new. When I worked on Capitol Hill in the days when Republicans and Democrats actually worked together (yes, that did happen long, long ago), lawmakers still dragged their feet and put off necessary and real duties until the absolute last minute. Continue reading…

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