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Weekly Favorites: How to Talk to Kids About the Cost of College, plus more

Weekly Favorites - August 14 - TaxACT

TaxACT Weekly Favorites:  August 16, 2013

Tax-Free Funding for Your Business–From Your 401(k) via Inc.
If you think using retirement money to start a company means a big tax payment, think again. There’s a way around the problem. Continue reading…

Stores Cheer, Banks Fume as Judge Throws Out Fed’s Swipe-Fee Cap via Time
Banks and merchants are at it again over debit interchange fees. Experts say we probably won’t see a repeat of banks’ disastrous 2011 attempt to slap monthly usage fees on debit cards, but consumers could be stuck paying even more for products and services at big banks. Continue reading…

How to Talk to Kids About the Cost of College: 7 Steps via LearnVest
It may just be the biggest expense of your life. Meanwhile, it’s the biggest four years of your kids’ lives. (Or so they see it.) So how do you sit down and calmly have the talk about paying for college? Continue reading…

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