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Weekly Favorites: The Hidden Fees Eating Up Your Bank Balance plus more

Weekly Favorites - August 8 - TaxACT

TaxACT Weekly Favorites:  August 9, 2013

The Hidden Fees Eating Up Your Bank Balance via MarketWatch
The average checking account has 30 fees, a new study finds, and one-fifth of U.S. banks still don’t provide a list of these charges before a customer submits an online application. Continue reading…

5 Groups at Greater Risk of Identity Theft via Bankrate
Babies now routinely get Social Security numbers because the numbers are necessary for parents wanting to claim children as dependents on income tax returns. The identifying numbers typically go unmonitored for years, giving criminals plenty of time to damage a child’s credit and identity. Continue reading…

How Much Tax Will You Owe On A $600 Million Powerball Jackpot? A Lot More Than In 2012 via Forbes
The good news: You are about to win a $600 million Powerball Jackpot. The bad news: You’ll owe millions more in tax than you would have had you won the same pot in 2012. Continue reading…

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