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Weekly Favorites: Donation Rules, Old-School Money Tips, Credit Card Rewards as Taxable Income

TaxACT Weekly Favorites June 14, 2013

TaxACT’s Weekly Favorites:  June 14, 2013

Tax Deductible Donation Rules via Bankrate
Just what is tax-exempt status? As the name indicates, it means organizations granted such status by the Internal Revenue Service don’t have to pay taxes on any profits. Continue reading… 

Listen to Your Father! Old-School Money Tips for Today via
This month we’re celebrating dads and all they do for us. They taught us how to throw a ball, they fixed the chain on our bicycle, and they imparted their wisdom – often it was wisdom that they got from their dads. However, times have changed and maybe the advice they once gave us about money and credit and debt is no longer 100% accurate. Continue reading…

Will Credit Card Rewards Soon Be Classified as Taxable Income? via Michael Dolen
Just about anything you can think of is considered taxable income, However one thing you will find notably absent are credit card rewards. At least for now, but will that soon change? Continue reading… 

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