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Weekly Favorites: Pay Down Student Loan Debt, Year-End Tax Strategies, Congress Dumping $1 Bill

Weekly Favorites: December 14, 2012

Save Money to Pay Down Student Loan Debt by Ellie Kay
I believe that every person can be free from the worry of student loan debt and pay them off by following steps to save money. Continue reading…

6 smart year-end tax strategies to consider by Kay Bell
Savvy taxpayers know they need to make some tax moves before each new year to lower their tax bills when they file their returns next year. Continue reading…

News Summary: Congress weighs dumping the $1 bill by Businessweek
Congress is taking another look at doing away with dollar bills in favor of dollar coins. Congressional auditors say it could save taxpayers some $4.4 billion over the next 30 years. Continue reading…

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