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Weekly Favorites: Ways to Teach Kids About Taxes, April 15 Tax Tasks, Social Media Tax Spying

TaxACT Weekly Favorites: April 12, 2013

Weekly Favorites: April 12, 2013

3 (Good) Ways to Teach Kids About Taxes via LearnVest
Nobody enjoys paying taxes, but next time you’re out with your kids and you encounter a fire truck rushing to the rescue, point it out to your children and say, Look! There goes our tax money being used to help someone who really needs help… Continue reading. 

Other April 15 Tax Tasks via Bankrate
The big job you must complete by this deadline is finishing and filing your 2012 tax return or Form 4868, which will give you an extension until Oct. 15 to file your tax return. Remember, if you do get extra time to file the forms, you still must send in what you expect to owe, or a close approximation of that amount… Continue reading.

Social Media Tax Spying via Bankrate
You might want to reconsider bragging on Facebook about buying a Ferrari when you’re reporting just a $30,000 annual income on your Form 1040. Or at least tighten up the privacy controls on your social media account… Continue reading.

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