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Weekly Favorites: How To Spend Tax Refund, How To Fix Personal Budget, Tax Moves To Make In April, Crazy Tax Deductions

TaxACT Weekly Favorites: April 5, 2013

Weekly Favorites: April 5, 2013

Investment Spending: How to Spend Tax Refunds and Unexpected Checks via Ellie Kay
The biggest question most Americans have when they get their income tax refund is: where do I spend it? I believe that you can make a wise choice on how to use your tax refund that will have lasting benefits by learning the “Investment Spending Plan” method. Continue reading…

7 Reasons Why Your Personal Budget Is Failing and How to Fix It via Money Crashers
So, what’s someone with the best intentions to do when a budget isn’t working? It’s usually human error that makes a budget fail, and by investigating for possible gaffes, you might find out where you’ve gone wrong. Don’t fear your budget. Continue reading… 

Tax moves to make in April 2013 via Kay Bell
Do you see that light at the end of the tunnel? You’ve got just two weeks to figure out whether it’s the daylight of a wonderful April 15 by which you’ve finished your tax filing duties or a tax train barreling straight for you. Continue reading…

Crazy Tax Deductions via CNN Money
Nose jobs. Underwear. Bail money. Sex toys. These are a few of the crazy deductions tax preparers have seen clients try — some legit, others not so much. Continue reading…

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