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Weekly Favorites: Tax Moves in March, Surprising Childhood Expenses, Understand How Student Loans Work, plus more

TaxACT Weekly Favorites - March 8, 2013

Weekly Favorites: March 8, 2013

Tax moves to make in March 2013 via Kay Bell
March madness has arrived and I’m not talking college hoops. It’s March tax madness, that that crazed time of the year when millions have filed their tax returns and are anxiously awaiting refunds and millions are still working on their 1040’s. Continue reading…

IRS to delay furloughs via Bankrate
Rest easy, America. Sequestration will not affect your tax refund. Continue reading…

The Most Surprising Childhood Expense at Every Age via LearnVest
It’s no surprise that the overall cost of raising kids is skyrocketing. According to a recent report by the United States Department of Agriculture, the average two-parent, middle-income family with a child born in 2011 is now looking at $234,900 to raise a child to 17. Continue reading…

Staying in the Black With The Student Loan Blues via Ellie Kay
As a mom of seven who has seen the difference between graduating with student loan debt versus the freedom of debt free, I know the value of trying to stay ahead of those loans. I believe that every college grad can adequately manage their student loan debt by understanding how the system works. Continue reading…

Mileage Tax Deduction: Claim the Mileage Tax Deduction or Take the Standard Deduction? via TaxACT
Should you claim the mileage tax deduction or would you better benefit from taking the standard deductions? Are you wondering if you can even deduct travel expenses related to your employment? Continue reading…

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