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Weekly Favorites: Tax Savings for Parents, 3 Tax Mistakes Parents Make, The Fiscal Cliff Fix

Weekly Favorites: February 22, 2013  by TaxACT

Weekly Favorites: February 22, 2013

Tax Savings for Parents: Tax Credits and Deductions Parents Need to Know via TaxACT
Uncle Sam offers several family-oriented tax benefits. Determining which ones you qualify for can be confusing because of rules about filing status, itemized deductions and income levels. Continue reading…

3 Tax Mistakes Parents Make That End Up Costing Them by Sally Herigstad
There’s more to being a parent at tax time than claiming another exemption on your return. Take a look at these common tax mistakes and make sure you’re not making them. Continue reading…

The Fiscal Cliff Fix: What It Means For You by Sally Herigstad
Late last year, we heard a lot about the so-called “fiscal cliff” – a combination of spending cuts and tax hikes set to automatically take effect unless the parties in Washington came to some kind of compromise. Here’s what’s in the fiscal cliff fix: Continue reading…

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